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"I'm a Perfectionist, and Pefect is a Skinned Knee-Mike Patton"
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 Yes, I am aware that Mr. Bungle/Faith No More/Fantomas and everything else Mike Patton touches is the greatest thing ever. 

Yes, it's true, if you aren't a fan of Mike Patton, your musical tastes are probably rather shitty. 

In the year Twenty Thousand and Fifteen, we will see the true reunion of Faith No More, with their first new album in 17 years. It will blow away every other band out there currently making music. They will show these terribly unimaginative, untalented hacks how real music sounds.  We'll also likely see a new Fantomas album.  There are rumors of a new Lovage album waiting for Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles to make sweet love on the microphone, for our pleasure. That's baby making music, in case you weren't aware. 

And then there was TOOL. It appears as if TOOL are finally free to make another album, as it seems their legal troubles are behind them or are close to being resolved.  If that is indeed true, I fear for your safety. I worry that the collective masses who currently only know of the Justin Beavers and Kane Wests and all those shitty Nu Metal bands that somehow passes as Metal will have their collective minds blown the fuck off. I'll be able to handle it. I'm not so sure about the rest of you. Your prissy ears weren't ever meant to hear Faith No More, Fantomas, AND a new TOOL album all in one year.  If you're going to die, die with dignity, die with class. Of course you can attempt to swear off Pop and Hip Pop and try to realign your spirit and your soul by listening to their old stuff. Or you can sell your soul to the Devil. That's always a possibility.





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