Martial Law: Believe It Or Not

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Here's part of an amusing list of prohibited martial art activities reminiscent of the puritanical blue laws that are still on the books in various US states. If you have any of your own that you feel should be passed, let me know and I'll make some phone calls. Enjoy!

Peshtigo, Wisconsin: Citizens are not allowed to practice karate on any city sidewalk.

Cotton, Minnesota: Pants with hip pockets may not be worn when working out in any of the martial arts. (A hip pocket is considered to be the perfect place to hide a pint of liquor.)

Corry, Pennsylvania: No female wearing a nightgown is allowed to practice martial arts. A woman of any age must always get fully dressed before she can legally work out.

Austin, Oregon: Men may not teach karate or any other martial art while on a boat on the Sabbath.

Wedgworth, Alabama: No single, widowed or divorced woman may participate in any of the martial arts on Sunday. Also, any unattached female who takes part in such outlandish activities can be arrested and given a jail term.

Wheeler, Mississippi: Citizens are allowed to practice martial arts but may not strike a friend in jest - unless you first tell him you are just kidding around.

Pattonsburg, Missouri: Citizens may not make silly and/or insulting faces at a man while he is practicing martial arts.

Acme, Louisiana: Citizens (children or adults) may not laugh out loud at a martial arts student going through their moves.

Boone, North Carolina: Martial artists may not practice on Sunday during the half-hour period before a church service.

Sutherland, Iowa: Playfully using a martial arts strike in a effort to remove a hat from the head of another is strictly prohibited.

Greenville, Delaware: No martial artists may place his arm around a woman without a good and lawful reason.

Bluff, Utah: Martial arts practitioners are banned from chewing tobacco while practicing.

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