Frank Shamrock vs Cung Lee - Strikeforce MMA Fight

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Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock fought San Shou star Cung Lee in an amazing MMA Fight on Saturday.

Frank promised to stand with Cung Lee and beat him on his feet. Shamrock remained true to part of his promise. He stood with Cung Lee for 3 rounds, but was unable to continue after the 3rd round because Cung Lee broke his arm from a kick! After the fight Frank Shamrock was humble and said the following: “Cung Le broke my right arm, I could feel the bones clicking together. Anyone who says Cung Le doesn’t know submissions … he put one on my arm.”

Broken Arm Frank ShamrockAfter a great first round, the tides slowly start changing in favor of Cung Lee. He continued to punish Shamrock with kicks, especially side kicks, and even caught him with a kick, spinning back fist combo. Cung Lee also nailed a freaking cool leg sweep that wipe the smile off of Frank’s face.

The third round actually showed the possibility of Shamrock coming back to him. He rallied late in the round and almost looked he could finish Cung Lee. But somewhere in the round, Cung Lee kicked Frank Shamrock in the wrist and broke it. At the end of the round Frank went down in his corner and called the fight.

Here are the videos of the fight, get them now before they’re taken down!


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