2018 UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony highlights

Friday, July 06, 2018

The 2018 UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place at 10:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 5, and streamed live on UFC Fight Pass.

This year the inductees were:
Art Davie • UFC creator and co-founder
Bruce Connal • television producer
Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio Rua UFC 139
Ronda Rousey • former women's bantamweight champion
Matt Serra • former welterweight champion and coach

UFC president Dana White says that the introduction of women into the UFC is the best decision he ever made. And he once replied to a question about when women would be in the UFC with two words.

"Never," said White at the time, dodging a pterodactyl. "Never."

On Thursday White looked back on it with a self-deprecating touch.

“Doing this I’ve learned many valuable lessons," said White while inducting Rousey. "One is ‘never say never.’”

Rousey offered a heartfelt appraisal of what it all means.

“You know I’m not a person who usually struggles to find words," began Rousey, as transcribed by Mike Chiappetta for MMA Fighting. "From the bottom of my heart my soul, my toes, my entire being, I want to thank you. For the first decade of my athletic career, I was at the pinnacle of athletic accomplishment and no one seemed to care. Nothing changed, and then you came along. The only reason why anything that I ever did had any effect on the world is because you took the time to let it affect you.

“Words will never express how humbled I am that you gave me the honor of being the person that made all this possible. I’m not the first person who had the ability to do this, but I am here because I’m the first person you took the time to watch.”

“Because of you, I am the first woman standing up here accepting this incredible honor. May I be the first of many. I look around and think, together we built this, this division, this sport, this revolution. Together we have redefined what it means to be strong, to be sexy. We have changed what it means to ‘fight like a girl.’”

The HoF has four wings:
Pioneer wing
Modern-era wing