Brave CF president offers global position on trash talk in MMA

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Trash talk in mixed martial arts is a contentious issue. UFC fans love it, and the league promotes it gleefully. ONE fans in Asia find it unseemly, and the promotion makes a point of emphasizing values that incompatible with bad mouthing an opponent.

Brave Combat Federation is centered in neither the West nor Asia, but rather is the sport's only truly global organization, and president Mohammed Shahid, himself a retired fighter, offers a balanced view.

“It’s all BS, my friend,” said Shahid to Conan Altatis for Conan Daily. “It’s all BS. Trust me. Let me tell you something. You know we are not in the business of fooling people. The first thing we should think about is that we are not in the business of fooling people. You either have UFC trying to promote and buy trash-talking or you have another side, the opposite side trying to act like they are not trash talking so they can convince people based on their cultural mindset. If you go inside the PR room and sit down, the discussion will be, 'Let's understand the culture of this community, and let's give them what they want to hear. Let's face the facts. ... We know the truth. ... This is the culture we are trying to be so we can attract our market. Simple as that.

“Who am I tell you to trash talk or to be nice? You guys are fighters. Do what the heck you want, you know? ... We give you a platform, you do what the hell you want.

“You’re Arab fighter, show me your Arabic culture. You’re not, you’re Arab fighter who is in the U.S. and living an American life, why not? Why is it bad if a Filipino fighter or a Southeast Asian or an Asian fighter is living an American life, or an American fighter is living an Arab life? Why? What’s the problem?”

“Why is it so many promotions try to judge people? ‘They’re trashtalkers.’ Why not? Why not? He can trashtalk if he wants to.”

The next event is Brave 22: Storm of Warriors on March 15 at the iconic Mall of Asia Arena, in Manila, Philippines. The Philippines will become the 15th country to host a Brave event. The promotion started out in the Kingdom of Bahrain, expanding next to Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Jordan, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Colombia, Pakistan, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. And that's only the beginning.