Copa Combate's Quintana: My coach brought MMA to Albuquerque

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Andres Quintana, the USA's representative in Friday's 1-night, 8-man, $100,000 Copa Combate 2, spoke recently with the ever tremendous Victor Rodriguez for BE.

Question 1: Have you ever been in this kind of situation before, fighting more than once per night?

Andres Quintana: Actually, in a weekend, not in a single night. I competed in Golden Gloves. I competed in tournaments in boxing, in which I would compete multiple times in short, you know, a few days. Kinda similar. ... Four rounds. They were three minutes each. It was an open tournament.

Q2: Looking at the opposition you’ve had, Erick Sanchez, Levy Marroquin, Erick Gonzalez, some of the guys that have fought a few times for Combate, and Levy, who won the tournament last year in Cancun and known for being very tough. You’re kinda, I don’t wanna say that you’ve breezed through them, but you’ve already handled some of the better names in the organization’s division so far. So do you expect anything new or different out of the upcoming crop of guys you’ll be facing? 

AQ: Aw, you don’t gotta sugarcoat it for them, you know I breezed through! (laughs) Bro, yeah. Yeah. I’m not too worried about anyone. There’s probably a couple of tough guys in there. My coaches said that basically, we gotta keep an eye out on [former Bellator fighter] Pablo Villaseca, I believe? He’s from Chile? And Alejandro [Flores]. Those the guys my coaches looked at and really dissected, you know? Other than that, I feel like I can do what I want, play my game against all these other opponents.

Q3: What’s been the biggest influence you’ve gotten under coach Chris Luttrell's tutelage?

AQ: Man, honestly... he’s ***ing increased my game tenfold. I came to him as an amateur, not to take anything away from my previous coaches, but he’s been around the sport maybe 30 years? He’s the one that brought MMA to Albuquerque. He just has so much knowledge. He flew to every place you can imagine and brought back all of their information, all the techniques and dissected it here in Albuquerque. And he kept what worked and threw out what wasn’t useful. I mean, all those years of experience, his knowledge, I’m like his star student. I’ve really taken to everything he’s been able to teach me and he’s a wrestler. So, we come from kind of opposite backgrounds - I’m a striker, he’s a wrestler, but we’ve merged everything so well. If you guys can’t tell by now...

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Copa Combate 2 will stream live on DAZN on Friday.