Friday, August 10, 2018

"The UFC Gave, and the UFC Hath Taken Away."

When UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley couldn't fight for an extended period, an interim title fight was held between Colby Covington and Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225 on June 9. Covington won and when Woodley was ready to fight at UFC 228 on September 8, a unification fight was offered. Covington turned it down, so the UFC brought in Darren Till instead. When there is an #AndStill or an #AndNew, Covington's interim belt disappears.

He's not impressed.

"Why are they trying to rush a camp?” he asked Simon Samano for MMAjunkie. “This fight needs a build-up, man. It needs a 12-week promotional build-up. Let me get out there and show that I can promote, and I can market fights and sell fights. Because nobody’s selling fights like me. I know how to do that now. These other guys, they don’t know how to do that. I wanted the fight, but I didn’t want the date. There was no way I was going to be ready.”

Barring a controversial fight finish, Covington is likely the #1 contender, and will a shot at the winner.

“I don’t think about the negative in my life," he said. "I just think about the positives. They’re not stripping anything. I earned that belt. The only way you can take that belt is by beating me in the Octagon, and there’s not a man alive that can beat me. Whether it’s ‘Tyquil’ Woodley or ‘Tillsbury Doughboy,’ I’ll be ready for that No. 1 contenders fight.”

“I want this fight more than anything. I want this fight more than I want to breathe. Literally, that’s how badly I want this fight.”

“It sucks. [UFC is] looking at the short-term goals. Woodley-Till, that’s not going to do over 100,000 [pay-per-view] buys. I don’t know why they’re rushing to make that fight. Me and ‘Tyquil,’ that was going to be a big money fight. That was going to be a draw. That’s the fight I built. …

“It sucks, but it is what it is. Now, this time, I’m just hoping Tyron doesn’t f*** this up. That’s all I can say to him, is Tyron, don’t f*** this up. I built this. You didn’t build this.”