Sunday, December 02, 2018

In the main event of UFC Fight Night 142, former champion Junior Dos Santos took on young up and coming contender Tui Tuivasa. Although the contender was undefeated as a professional, Junior Dos Santos showed he was was still a capable contender himself and finished Tuivasa in the second round.

For a young and somewhat untested fighter, Tai Tuivasa gave a good accounting for himself in his first UFC main event.

The Sydney native was fearless in front of his countrymen at UFC Adelaide, decisively winning the first round of their heavyweight slugfest.

But Junior dos Santos rose all the way to the top of the mountain for a reason. As soon as he had an opportunity in round two, he pounced, and the former champion rolled from there to victory.

The time of the finish was 2:30 as dos Santos took the TKO win at Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

“My gosh, man, I’m so happy,” dos Santos said. “This guy’s tough, I knew he was tough. He kicked me very hard in the legs and I’m feeling it now.”


Official Result: Junior Dos Santos defeated Tai Tuivasa by TKO (Strikes, Round 2, 2:30)


Round 1 – Tuivasa with an early low kick. He rushes forward with punches but misses and stumbles. Dos Santos with a nice right hand to the body. Tuivasa incredibly aggressive, but he’s slipping around a bit. Dos Santos much more technical in his approach. They clinch briefly, but nothing there. Back to the center. Dos Santos misses a huge right hand. Tuivasa misses a low kick. He’s setting up in front of his opponent with no concern. Dos Santos lands a crisp right hand as Tuivasa moves forward. They work in tight again for a bit, but not there. Tuivasa slips to the floor as they engage, but Dos Santos doesn’t follow. Tuivasa smiles a bit as he rises. Dos Santos lands another big right hand, but Tuivasa unaffected. Huge low kick from Tuivasa, and Dos Santos nearly swept to the floor. Tuivasa lands a few more big punches. Dos Santos is hurt. Bell rings. Fun round, and MMAjunkie gives the first to Tuivasa on the late damage, 10-9.

Round 2 – Tuivasa keeping his pressure high. Dos Santos’ movement definitely seems affected. He’s stationary. Tuivasa loading up on the big right hands. Dos Santos checks a low kick and counters with his own. Tuivasa punches the body and pushes into the clinch. Again, nothing there, and Tuivasa backs away. He’s aggressive, but Dos Santos sneaks in a right hand that lands clean and drops Tuivasa. Stunning shot. Dos Santos going fro broke now. He pushes down and gets to mount. Tuivasa is trapped and somehow trying to punch his way out of the position. This is going to be over. Dos Santos knows it and keeps punching, and this fight is done. Incredible fight and gutsy win.