G in a gi apparently plans to resurrect Metamoris

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Helio Gracie was a central figure in the creation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Helio's son Rorion was a central figure in the creation of the UFC and modern mixed martial arts. Rorion's son Ralek founded Metamoris, one of the first efforts to promote BJJ and grappling as a professional sport. The bad news is, Ralek never paid a lot of the athletes, and the effort collapsed.

Now Ralek is apparently attempting electroshock. Gracei appeared recently on 

“There’s no doubt that I let down the jiu-jitsu community and I created a monster that I couldn’t control," said Gracie, as transcribed by Dave Doyle for MMA Fighting. “And it was a lot of my own inability to grow a company and not have that experience. There was a lot of energy for growth and a lot potential that I just couldn’t manage.”

“The Chapter 2 reference is essentially that with the time that I’ve had to kind of recuperate from a lot of the emotion and a lot of the stress that we really went through frankly in this whole process. Just trying to keep things afloat and keep things going despite all that financial stress, being able to take that time off and in the moment what we really have, the things that’s coming up is, there’s a life for Metamoris that is way longer than what I guess I even anticipated initially. Chapter two is a reference to the fact that we’ve learned a lot, we’ve made a lot of mistakes and gone through things that we couldn’t even anticipate. We’re aware of the fact that’s essentially in the first chapter in a book that could go 10, 20 chapters.”

“The company is in debt. The plan to be honest is, there’s kind of a two-phase plan or a double kind of plan if you will or two sides to the plan. The first side of the plan is we need a financial partner and we need a business partner with the experience and the fortitude and the qualities necessary to help us grow a company $1M to $15-20M, someone who has that experience that could be on the operations side, that could be business development operations, and it could also be business development, but then you also have a business partner who cares, who is passionate about jiu-jitsu.”

“I can just walk away from it. But the reason I won’t, the reason at this point feeling into it, it’s chi, its karma and so I believe personally there is a certain amount of energy, and whether you call it good or bad, there’s energy, and it’s passion and people who have been wronged and there’s energy and ill toward the brand or towards me personally is meaningful and is something that ultimately if I had the ability right those wrongs, if I had the ability to step into it and say hey, here’s your money, after five years, here’s your money, for them to go ‘oh wow, okay, man I’m not necessarily like super excited but I’m no longer holding on to something that I was holding onto in the same way with you.’ And I think that chi and that release and that movement could ultimately be stronger than starting a new brand.”