Saturday, October 19, 2019

MMA retirements are so often short-lived it has become silly. Joe Lauzon is not silly. At the UFC on ESPN 6 post-fight press conference, following his brutal beatdown in Boston of Jonathan Pearce, Lauzon explained he's giving it due thought before making an official announcement.

“I was definitely crying a little bit,” said Lauzon, as transcribed by Alexander K. Lee for MMA Fighting. “I was trying to keep it in as best I could. I try not to be all that emotional about stuff, I try to be a little stoic, but I was definitely feeling it.

“Even like, walking out before the fight, I was just looking around, we had all the people in the green shirts we printed up at my gym. I was feeling it. There’s so much that went into this. Usually you hear about, ‘Oh, it’s been eight or 10 weeks, it’s been really, really hard,’ literally since April of last year I’ve been thinking about this.

“I was super unhappy with my last fight, and then since November, I’ve literally been in fight camp since last November. I’ve just been crushing it. Not complaining to anyone, just doing what I’m supposed to do, just silently going and torturing myself, just getting ready and then it finally was here. It was nice that it went so smoothly.”

“It’s a great way to end it if that’s the end, for sure. But we’ll kind of see how things go. I’m always going to be training, whether I’m cornering or helping out guys. We got a lot of guys that train at my gym now: Rob Font, Calvin Kattar, Mike Rodriguez, Peter Barrett, we’ve got a lot of guys that are always getting in for fights. So I’m in the gym with them all the time anyways.

“We’ll kind of see what happens. I’m not like, ‘This is definitely the last fight,’ but I’m also not saying I’m definitely going to do it again. Tonight was a great night, but I think too many guys kind of fall into the trap of like, they have a good fight, like ‘I’m back, here we go!’ I’m not there, but we’ll take it and we’ll see what happens. Maybe I fight in six months, maybe I fight in a year, maybe I’m done, who knows? I’m not going to commit to anything. I’ll stay in the USADA pool. I don’t mind. They come banging on my door every once in a while, no big deal. We’ll see what happens.”

UFC president was more equivocal post-fight.

“Me and Joe Lauzon had a deal that he would retire after this fight, win, lose, or draw,” said White. “And he didn’t do it. What better way to go out than tonight? He beat a real guy tonight. He beat a tough guy that I bet a lot of people didn’t think he was gonna beat and he made it look easy.

This is one of those things when you’re talking to a guy who loves to fight like Joe Lauzon loves to fight and the Chuck Liddells and many, many more in the past that I’ve dealt with. It’s so hard to walk away – ‘I looked great tonight,’ and then if they lose, ‘Well, I can’t go out like this. Getting beat in my hometown in front of all my…’ It’s just…you know.”