Khabib Nurmagomedov making 10 fans' dreams come true

Thursday, January 10, 2019

UFC lightweight champion celebrated his epic win over Conor McGregor not by getting so drunk in Vegas he couldn't remember his own name, but by traveling to Africa and drilling wells for fresh water.

In his latest act of grace, the champ took to his social network and asked fans to write him a letter, detailing a dream, and what he could do to fulfill it. 'The Eagle' said he would pick ten and help make their dream come true. 

A child with cerebral palsy dreams of a better wheelchair. A devout Muslim dreams of being able to make the pilgrimage to Mecca that all adherent are expected to make during their lifetime. A six-year-old deaf child wants to train in martial arts, but can't find an instructor willing to work with his limitations. And the dreams are all coming true.

“This is who Khabib is,” said Nurmagomedov’s manager Ali Abdelaziz to Damon Martin for MMA News. “He always thinks of other people, he always wants to help other people’s dreams come true. By going to Africa with his own money and digging wells. By reaching out to his countrymen and making other people’s dreams come true, young people helping their dreams to come true. This is the kind of individual he is.

“He doesn’t do stuff like this as a PR stunt or for attention. This is who he is as a man, this is who he is as a person. This is why I’m inspired every day by him. This is how he was brought up. It’s from his family and his father, this is who he is.”

And Nurmagomedov isn't just sending checks, he's doing it himself.

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У каждого из нас есть мечта, особенно у детей. Я с детства мечтал стать профессиональным спортсменом, благодаря упорному труду и постоянным тренировкам я этого достиг.В 2019 году я бы хотел осуществить мечты детей или приблизить их к исполнению желаемого. Для этого напишите мне письмо от вашей семьи или детей вот таким образом: 1. Напишите письмо о себе, а также о вашей мечте или подарке, который вы хотите получить от меня. 2. Опубликуйте пост с письмом и фото в вашем профиле Instagram. 3. Обязательно поставьте хэштег #ПисьмоХабибу, чтобы я смог найти ваше письмо переходя по хэштегу. 4. К 7 января я лично прочитаю все письма и выберу 10 из них, чьи желания я осуществлю. При поддержке @reebok_russia и @gorillaenergy @hickmet_travel

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