Man sentenced to eight years for killing of Ryan Jimmo

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

On June 26, 2016, at around 2:00 a.m., in Edmonton, Alberta, Anthony Getschel, his girlfriend, and a friend had just left Cook County Saloon after getting in a fistfight. He raced his 1998 GMC Sierra aggressively west on Whyte Avenue, and came up behind UFC light heavyweight Ryan Jimmo, 34, who was driving in a Jeep Patriot, showing his girlfriend the town after the pair went to see a movie together.

Seeing the truck approach so aggressively, Jimmo pulled into the parking lot of the H2O Lounge, to have words.

Claire Theobald described what happened next for The Edmonton Star

Jimmo walked up to the truck, slapping the window and yelling at Getschel, challenging Getschel and his friend in the truck to a fight. Getschel stayed in the truck. As Jimmo walked back toward his Jeep, Getschel slammed on the accelerator, driving over two concrete curbs. The truck hit Jimmo, dragging him to the front of his Jeep.

Knowing he had just run a man over, Getschel sped out of the parking lot, nearly colliding with another car before racing away.

Emergency crews treated Jimmo at the scene before loading him into an ambulance and rushing him to the University of Alberta Hospital. En route, Jimmo went into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Getschel dropped off his passengers before hiding his truck in the Mill Creek Ravine near 91st St. and 73rd Ave., taking a cab home. He told a family member his truck had been stolen and went to bed.

When he woke up the following morning, Getschel confessed what he had done to a family member. Getschel then picked up his truck and backed it into his driveway. Getschel then went to a registry office, claiming his license plate had been stolen so he could get a new one to help disguise his truck. On Monday, Getschel went to Fort McMurray for work. When he returned home late that night, his family urged him to turn himself in.

Police officers had already identified him as a suspect and were surveilling his home.

Last Monday, Getschel pleaded to the lesser charge of manslaughter and to hit and run. He was sentenced December 3.

Dustin Cook has the story for the Edmonton Journal.

The 26-year-old man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the hit-and-run killing of mixed-martial-arts fighter Ryan Jimmo will serve eight years in prison and lose the ability to drive for eight years following. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Paul Belzil Monday morning sentenced Anthony Getschel to six years for manslaughter, with another two years added for fleeing the June 2016 scene near 101 Street, in what he described as a “complete tragedy.”

“One man died for nothing. Absolutely nothing,” Belzil told the courtroom filled with friends and family of both Jimmo and Getschel.

“I am numb. Sometimes we can’t watch TV, we can’t sleep, eat, hear a certain song,” Linda Jimmo, Ryan’s mother, told the court in a victim impact statement. “Ryan, you never told me how I was supposed to live without you for the rest of my life. When you died, so much of us died too.”

Belzil accepted the eight-year joint submission plea, citing the fact that the accused had no prior criminal record, turned himself in within 48 hours and showed deep remorse. He also had stable employment, is in a committed relationship and has two baby boys who were in attendance, court heard.

“I’m very sorry for the pain that I caused,” Getschel told the court, addressing Jimmo’s family with tears in his eyes. “I’ll never be able to forgive myself for what happened.”

Belzil said Getschel’s actions were senseless the night of Jimmo’s death and “leaves one shaking one’s head.”

h/t Edmonton Journal