XKL/CFX Evolution 2 Mayhem in Minneapolis

XKL/CFX Evolution 2 Mayhem in Minneapolis - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 24, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

April 24th 2010 the Target Center will erupt as UFC and WEC Vet Brock Larson, and former UFC world champion Dave "The Warrior" Menne take center stage. Brock and Dave are back in the cage in their own home state, this is a monumental evening!Other fighters to include Ray Steinbeiss, Nate Schut, and Shana Olsen. Gideon Ray (UFC Vet) VS Derrick Noble (UFC Vet) Dave Menne (Former UFC world Champion) VS Dave Strasser (UFC VET) Brock Larson (UFC/WEC Vet) VS Brian Green Shana Olsen VS Yoko Takahashi (#6 Female at 145 in the world) Surgio Gomez (WEC Vet) VS Chaz Haag Matt Delanoit VS Ray Steinbeiss (IFL/Bodog Vet) Brad Kohler (UFC Vet) VS Travis "The Iron Man" Fulton (UFC Vet) Nate Schut VS Brian "The Duke" Geraghty (UFC Vet) Travis Wiuff (UFC Vet) VS Jeff Monson (UFC Vet) Isaiah Larson VS Brendan Seguin (WEC Vet) Tickets to go on sale: Friday January 15th 2010 through Ticket Master and Target Center box office. Prices as follows 15.00 25.00 50.00 75.00 100.00 Head Office: Xtreme Kombat League XKL is in Windsor, Ontario Canada. 1-519-253-7890

Directions: Located on the corner of 1st ave. and 7th st in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

Travis Wiuff vs. Jeff Monson
Travis Wiuff
Jeff Monson
Dave Menne vs. Adrian Miles
Dave Menne
Adrian Miles
Drew Fickett vs. Derrick Noble
Drew Fickett
Derrick Noble
Shana Olsen vs. Yoko Takahashi
Shana Olsen
Yoko Takahashi
Isaiah Larson vs. Brendan Seguin
Isaiah Larson
Brendan Seguin
Matt Delanoit vs. Raymond Steinbeiss
Matt Delanoit
Raymond Steinbeiss
Brock Larson vs. Brian Green
Brock Larson
Brian Green
Ryan Roberts vs. Chaz Haag
Ryan Roberts
Chaz Haag
Brad Kohler vs. Travis Fulton
Brad Kohler
Travis Fulton
Nathan Schut vs. Bobby Ferrier
Nathan Schut
Bobby Ferrier