1st Annual BJJ Super Seminar of the Americas

1st Annual BJJ Super Seminar of the Americas is a Seminar (Smnr) Event Scheduled for August 19, 2017 in Copperas Cove, Texas USA

Never before has anyone had the chance to learn from so many of the legends from the BJJ world at one time. Three hour segments of instruction and explanation from MASTER CARLOS MACHADO, ANDRE GALVAO, JOEL BLANTON, DANIEL CAMARILLO, ALAN SHEBARO AND BRIAN MARVIN! Judo into Jiu-jitsu, lapel choke options, controls, throws, take-downs, leg locks, triangle chokes, arm bars, and much more - all from these amazing athletes! You don't have to be a BJJ athlete to want to see and learn from the best. Law enforcement, soldiers, wrestlers and pro sports fans alike can see these guys up close and learn about the techniques and mindset that has driven their success! There will even be opportunities for private sessions and mentoring! Food, drinks, supplements, apparel and more all available for you to try. Brought to you by Hayabusa and Blueprint Supplements, this expo style even will give you a chance to see, try and even buy the products the pro's are using.