2017 NAGA Germany Grappling Championship

2017 NAGA Germany Grappling Championship - Grappling / BJJ (Grap) Event on May 27, 2017 in Limburg, DEU


The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is the world’s largest mixed grappling tournament circuit with over 500,000 competitors worldwide. On Saturday, May 27, 2017, NAGA returns to Limburg, Germany for the NAGA Germany Grappling Championship No-Gi & Gi tournament. Come as an individual or as a team to compete.

Registration information is below (please be sure to read the important note concerning registration).


The event package includes details about the event in an easy to view (or printout) PDF format. The package contains: Travel information, the breakdown of divisions (age, weight, and skill level), a summary of the rules and point system, and more.

Competitors have two options when registering: pre-register by the listed deadline, or register at the event.

The pre-registration cost is $85 USD for the first division. Additional divisions are $20 USD each. If you pre-register, please bring your order number with you to the event.

***IMPORTANT*** The registration process for our European events differs somewhat as compared to our U.S. based events. Both use the same system but due to certain limitations to the system, the following must be noted:
- Phone Number: At some point in the registration process you will be asked to provide a phone number for texting. Please do not enter anything and close out of this window. The system cannot currently accept EU formatted phone numbers.
- Weight Classes: You will see the weight classes listed as Lbs. Please note that the weight categories used for the Europe events are actually Kg. You will see the category listed as 60-69.9 Lbs, but please consider that 60-69.9Kg.
If there are any questions please email info@nagafighter.com.

If you have read the important note above, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR NAGA GERMANY

Pre-Registration: Register by Wednesday, May 17.
At Event Registration: Friday (5/26/17) or Saturday (5/27/17)

more details on each registration type follows.

Register early and save money. The registration fees are:
1 Division = $85 USD
Each additional division is $20 USD
Spectators are $10 USD each. Children 8 and under are free.

For those who register the Friday and Saturday of the event (5/26 - 5/27/17), The registration fees are:
1 Division = $105 USD
Each additional division is $20 USD
Spectators are $10 USD each (Children 8 and under are free).
***Prices will be listed in Euro the week of the event based upon current exchange rates.

There will be two lines when you enter the event.

If you registered online with a credit card: You will go directly to the Pre-registration line and collect your registration cards. You will then go to the Referee Interview table. The referee will make sure you are in the correct division then send you to weigh-in. You cannot weigh-in without checking in at this table.

If you did not register online, are adding an extra division, or purchasing spectator passes, you need to go to the line for the Pay Today table. Competitors will need to complete a registration form and waiver before entering this line. Your payment will be collected then you will be sent to the Referee Interview table.

After finishing up at the Referee Interview table and collecting your free merchandise, you will go to the weigh-in station.

IMPORTANT: Children and Teens need to be registered and weighed-in by 9:00 AM on Saturday. Adults need to be registered and weighed-in 90 minutes prior to their estimated division start time (found on the SCHEDULE tab).

The family rates are different for 2017. When registering a family, you will register each competitor then enter a coupon code at the payment screen. For 2 family members the discount is $20, 3 members is $40, 4 members $60, and so on.
FAMILY RATES ARE ONLY VALID FOR THE FOLLOWING: A parent paying for themselves and their minor child or children (under the age of 18). A parent paying for their minor children (under the age of 18).
In order to apply a family discount, you must call our office 860.295.0403, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9AM and 5PM EST or email info@nagafighter.com (with subject line: Germany Family Discount) to obtain a valid code prior to registration.

If you are having technical issues registering, setting up an account, or with the Tourney Guru website in general, please call email martialarts@tourneyguru.com. Any tournament specific questions (location, times, skill levels, etc) please email info@nagafighter.com or call 860.295.0403.

Here is information you might find helpful when registering for a NAGA event. If you have a question that is not answered, please email info@nagafighter.com or call 860.295.0403.

For weight classes, age category, and skill level information click the red 'DIVISIONS' tab above. You can also download them: ADULT or CHILDREN/TEEN.

For weigh-in and registration location and times, click the ref 'SCHEDULE' tab.

For estimated division start times, click the 'SCHEDULE' tab.

For the address and directions to the venue, and lodging options, please click the red 'TRAVEL INFO' tab above.

To view the NAGA rules and judging criteria, go HERE.

To view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, go HERE.



NAGA awards championship belts to all Children, Teen, Adult, Masters, Directors and Executive, Expert Division champions (Limit 1 belt per competitor per event). This award is unrivaled in quality and appearance.






All Children competitors receive a free NAGA drawstring backpack. The backpack is picked up at the event.
*Style may vary

All Adult competitors receive a free NAGA t-shirt. The t-shirt is picked up at the event.
*Style may vary



NAGA is bringing a truckload of grappling gear (Board shorts, gi bags, rash guards, t-shirts, hats, gi hoodies, patches, skull caps, stickers, dog tags, etc.) in children and adults sizes, for males and females. Check out the huge selection of gear and apparel at the NAGA event.


NAGA currently has 4 events scheduled in Europe for 2017. The confirmed events are:
April 8 - NAGA United Kingdom - Birmingham, England
May 27 - NAGA Germany -Limburg, Germany
September 2 - NAGA Ireland - Dublin, Ireland
November 18 - NAGA Europe - Amiens, France

Please keep an eye on the NAGA website for more information about these events.


NAGA has established a presence online through our website and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We are expanding the material that is offered on these sites outside of the NAGA website. If you use any of these sites, please join us and be kept up to date with the latest NAGA news.
- Get the monthly NAGA email by filling out this form. If you have already competed in NAGA you do not need to fill this out: http://www.nagafighter.com/index.php?module=joinpage
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Directions: Autobahn (Highway) A3 exit “Limburg Süd”. Follow road B8 into Limburg, at first traffic lights in Limburg turn left on B417 towards “Wiesbaden”. Follow the street to leave Limburg until you reach the roundabout. Take the first exit of the roundabout (turn right) and go ahead app. 300m. Then turn right and enter the parking lot of the venue.