Caged Collision 4

Caged Collision 4 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on January 16, 2010 in Torrington, Wyoming USA

Caged Collision 4, featuring Pro and Amateur title bouts and a full card featuring over 12 fights.

Directions: Rendezvous Event Center in the Goshen County Fairgrounds Complex, Torrington WY

Prentice Ingram vs. Tbd
Prentice Ingram
Mitchell Peterson vs. Tbd
Mitchell Peterson
Rudy Mendoza vs. Jason Jensen
Rudy Mendoza
Jason Jensen
Clint Eberspecher vs. Gabriel Contreras
Clint Eberspecher
Gabriel Contreras
Daniel Tuzson vs. Tbd
Daniel Tuzson
Arthur Medina vs. Tbd
Arthur Medina
Tamboura Gerl vs. Lazaro Perez
Tamboura Gerl
Lazaro Perez
Chris Saucedo vs. Tbd
Chris Saucedo
Shawnee Merrell vs. Tbd
Shawnee Merrell
Pedro Lara vs. Albert Barron
Pedro Lara
Albert Barron