Night of Champions III: Beat Down Bash

Night of Champions III: Beat Down Bash - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on October 15, 2011 in Gonzales, Louisiana USA

Come join us for Round 3 and see who will wear the Title Belts in every weight division! There will be Great Food, a Car/Bike Show, Live Rock Music featuring BLACK MARKET HALOS as well as THE SOFA KINGS. The Swamp People, Strike Force & UFC fighters will be signing autographs! There will be Preliminaries, 8 Title Fights and Professional Fights! Doors open @ 5:00 pm, Bell sounds at 7:00 pm. Purchase tickets at or Felix's 24Hour Family Fitness or call 225-571-4141.

Directions: Take the LA-30 exit, EXIT 177, toward Gonzales/St Gabriel. Merge onto W Brittany Hwy/LA-30 W toward Tanger Blvd. Turn left onto S. St. Landry Ave. (S. St. Landry Ave is 0.1 miles past S. Tanger Blvd.) 9039 S SAINT LANDRY AVE. is just past H. Haydel Rd. (If you reach Rifle Range Rd you've gone a little too far.)

Charles Hue vs. Luis Gueverria
Charles Hue
Luis Gueverria
Kyle Miller vs. Blake Vonheeder
Kyle Miller
Blake Vonheeder
Robin White vs. Brian Omalley
Robin White
Brian Omalley
Seneca Joseph vs. Dallas Paskell
Seneca Joseph
Dallas Paskell
Erick Rodriguez vs. Christian Sutton
Erick Rodriguez
Christian Sutton
Brandon Taylor vs. Roberto Grimadlo
Brandon Taylor
Roberto Grimadlo
Cody Breaux vs. Carlos Rodriguez
Cody Breaux
Carlos Rodriguez
Josh Fontenot vs. Andy Brossett
Josh Fontenot
Andy Brossett
Joshua Davila vs. Ariel Jaurez
Joshua Davila
Ariel Jaurez
Robert Dunn vs. Alvin Jordan
Robert Dunn
Alvin Jordan
Allen Smith vs. Elliot Savage
Allen Smith
Elliot Savage
Chris Morgan vs. Kevin Prince
Chris Morgan
Kevin Prince
Robert Machado vs. David Mcmurray
Robert Machado
David McMurray
Ronald Jacobs vs. Kevin Aguilar
Ronald Jacobs
Kevin Aguilar