Belts Of Honorious 3

Belts Of Honorious 3 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on November 23, 2013 in Austin, Texas USA

Fight card Nov 23rdth subject to change 1. Shavaire Griggs VS Dezmond Moore 155lbs 2. Tommy Burghardt VS Ulyses Aguila 135lbs 3. Christopher Hinojosa VS Angel Ruiz 170lbs 4. Peyton Burns VS Steve Cordell 155lbs 5. Ben“Painmaster”Painter VS Leroy Montoya 125lbs 6. Fatima“ferocious”Mallett VS Kourtnie“Scrappy”Goodman 7. Levi Mowles VS Avishai Malke 135lbs 8. Kevin Morin VS Angel Delgado 125lbs 9. Sean Clements VS David Ozuna 170lbs 10. Garrett“Deaf Grappler”Scott VS Jon“The Lion”Leal TITLE 11. Jianna Denizard VS Stephanie Alba TITLE

Directions: Ticket sales on "WE WILL SELL OUT BECAUSE OF CAPACITY" General Admission $25 Official Itinerary Official Weigh in: Friday, Nov 22nd, 2013 @ 3PM Fighters and coaches are asked to arrive no later than 2:30PM RULES AND MEETING *It is important to know that while we do schedule the weigh-ins at a certain time, the actual time starts when the state and doctors arrive. However it is still very important that you arrive to weigh-ins on time. Friday Nov 22nd (South Austin Gym) Weigh-In Location: (SAG EVENT CENTER) 5700 MANCHACA AUSTIN TEXAS 78745 Hotel Check in at 3pm: Orangewood Inn Austin North 9121 north IH-35 (For all those that apply) Saturday Nov 23rd: (South Austin Gym) Event Location (SAG EVENT CENTER) 5700 MANCHACA AUSTIN TEXAS 78745 3PM Fighters Check In (DO NOT BE LATE) 4:15PM Meeting 5:00 PM National Anthem/Announcements 5:15PM First Bout For any questions please call Nael 512-584-9039 FREE PARKING

Christopher Hinojosa vs. Angel Ruiz
Christopher Hinojosa
Angel Ruiz
Thomas Burghardt vs. Ulyses Aguila
Thomas Burghardt
Ulyses Aguila
Waylon Bronstrup vs. Dezmond Moore
Waylon Bronstrup
Dezmond Moore
Peyton Burns vs. Steve Cordell
Peyton Burns
Steve Cordell
Ben Painter vs. Leroy Montoya
Ben Painter
Leroy Montoya
Kourtnie Goodman vs. Fatima Mallett
Kourtnie Goodman
Fatima Mallett
Mark Delarosa vs. Avishai Malke
Mark Delarosa
Avishai Malke
Kevin Morin vs. Angel Delgado
Kevin Morin
Angel Delgado
Sean Clements vs. David Ozuna
Sean Clements
David Ozuna
Garrett Scott vs. Jon Leal  
Garrett Scott
Jon Leal