Texas Rage In The Cage 14

Texas Rage In The Cage 14 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on May 18, 2012 in Harlingen, Texas USA

Texas Rage In The Cage 14 Live MMA Fights Prepare To Tapout or Get Knocked Out!!! See cage fighting where fighters bash each other into submission. Texas Rage in The Cage is as real as it gets! You won't want to miss it! Fighters Prepare To TAPOUT OR GET KNOCKED OUT!!! General Admission: 25 VIP Floor:35 VIP Tables: 450 Seats (10)

Directions: Texas Rage In The Cage 14 Friday May 18th Harlingen TX @ Casa De Amistad Located 1204 Fairpark Blvd.

Adrian Vallejo vs. Ricardo Palacios  
Adrian Vallejo
Ricardo Palacios
Leroy Martinez vs. Ysidro Vega
Leroy Martinez
Ysidro Vega
Michael Saucedo vs. Daniel De La Rosa
Michael Saucedo
Daniel De La Rosa
Israel Martinez vs. Joel Pena
Israel Martinez
Joel Pena
Ramon Dianas Jr vs. Jerry Stuart
Ramon Dianas Jr
Jerry Stuart
Michael Martinez vs. Enrique Arellano
Michael Martinez
Enrique Arellano
Daniel Garcia vs. Jose Gonzales
Daniel Garcia
Jose Gonzales
Casey Jones vs. Agustin Pena
Casey Jones
Agustin Pena
Hilario Compean vs. David Salazar
Hilario Compean
David Salazar