Future Stars of MMA at Xtreme Combat Weekend

Future Stars of MMA at Xtreme Combat Weekend - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on October 17, 2009 in Mesquite, Nevada USA

Xtreme Combat Weekend

Xtreme Combat Weekend is an annual fundraiser for the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation. As a veteran of the United States Army himself, Randy Couture has a deep, personal respect for our nation's front line defenders.

The Xtreme Couture GI Foundation goal is to help these brave men and women fulfill any of their unmet needs as they return back to civilian life.

October 16, 17 & 18, 2009


Participants & donors have the opportunity to play paintball against and alongside nationally recognized fighters including Randy Couture, Ryan Couture, Gray Maynard, Jay Hieron, and John Alessio.

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From everyone involved, we're glad your here. Xtreme Combat Weekend promises to be an intense experience benefiting a great cause.

Whether you're an avid scenario paintball player, an mixed martial arts fan, or just an everyday American, we'll have events and entertainment for you.

This weekend is all about celebrating and honoring the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country every day. In their defense of our freedom, our armed forces are truely the ones to thank for making this weekend possible.

Jesse Bowler vs. Justin Bonner
Jesse Bowler
Justin Bonner
Ahmed Sanchez vs. Don Johnson
Ahmed Sanchez
Don Johnson
Colton Bowler vs. Junior Gomez
Colton Bowler
Junior Gomez
Joe Downs vs. Howard Schmitz
Joe Downs
Howard Schmitz
Drayton Woods vs. Mike Hillcoat
Drayton Woods
Mike Hillcoat
Rob Isenor vs. Aelx Brooks
Rob Isenor
Aelx Brooks
Lyndon Allen vs. Casey Milliken
Lyndon Allen
Casey Milliken
Gennelle Calkins vs. Christy Tada
Gennelle Calkins
Christy Tada
Chris Barden vs. Justin Vadnais
Chris Barden
Justin Vadnais
Jimmy Jones vs. Shane Larsen
Jimmy Jones
Shane Larsen
Jace Crawford vs. Larry Mir
Jace Crawford
Larry Mir