Modern Gladiators V

Modern Gladiators V - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 6, 2009 in Chesapeake, Virginia USA

KOTR productions will be holding their next event on June 6th in Chesapeake Virginia at the Shriner's Lodge. We are now accepting applications from amateur MMA fighters and Muay Thai boxers of all experience levels. We match according to similar weight and fight records. We are sanctioned by the Global Combat Alliance who will ensure fair match ups and enforce Virginia state rules for both sports. For ticket information call 757-589-0427.

Directions: From I-95 take I-64 to Chesapeake VA., from I-64 take exit 289 north (Greenbiar Parkway). Take first left turn onto Woodlake Dr.

Tyler Hamman vs. Marlon Caruth
Tyler Hamman
Marlon Caruth
Chase Delong vs. Brandon Bowden
Chase Delong
Brandon Bowden
Melvin Lett vs. Kenny Bush
Melvin Lett
Kenny Bush
Kyle Bell vs. Stephen Hopkins
Kyle Bell
Stephen Hopkins
William Web vs. Chris Davis
William Web
Chris Davis
Chris Huntington vs. James Moose, Iii
Chris Huntington
James Moose, III
Antwain Hayes vs. Aj Aguilar
Antwain Hayes
AJ Aguilar
Nicholas Lue vs. Matt Santiago
Nicholas Lue
Matt Santiago
Charles Robbins vs. Timothy Barry
Charles Robbins
Timothy Barry
Frenchie Buchinni vs. Chris Diaz
Frenchie Buchinni
Chris Diaz
Damien Parker vs. Matt Waipa
Damien Parker
Matt Waipa