Belts Of Honorious 6

Belts Of Honorious 6 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 21, 2014 in Austin, Texas USA

WEIGHT IN LOCATION: (The Joint Barton Springs, located at 4970 Hwy 290 Austin, TX 78735) Official Weigh in: "Friday, June 20, 2014 @3PM" FIGHT CARD (subject to change) Anthony Fernandez VS Justin Ussery 155 Sean Krzyzanowski VS Edmilson Dos Santos 170 Christian Clack VS Alejandro Rodriguez 135 Sean Cho VS Darian Talbot 135 Matthew Pena VS Jake Rozek 155 Steve Cordell VS Waylon Bronstrup 155 Christopher Berry VS Wally Krauser heavyweights Jon Leal VS Joshua Hunter 145 Federico Olivera VS Trevor wells 125 Rob Marin VS Cristobal Hernandez 170 Zacchary Reese VS Sean Clements 170 Timothy LeComte VS Carlos Cerna 145 David Kim VS Isaac Sifuentes 145 Title Fight Kevin Morin VS Blake Wells 125 Title Fight Peyton Burns VS Christopher Marks 155 Title Fight MAIN EVENT Ceasear VS Mallett WMMA Title Fight

Directions: Fight is Indoors @EMOS AUSTIN Get your tickets at

Anthony Fernandez vs. Justin Ussery
Anthony Fernandez
Justin Ussery
Shawn Krzyzanowski vs. Edmilson Dos Santos
Shawn Krzyzanowski
Edmilson Dos Santos
Sean Cho vs. Darian Talbott
Sean Cho
Darian Talbott
Mathew Pena vs. Jacob Rozek
Mathew Pena
Jacob Rozek
Steve Cordell vs. Waylon Bronstrup
Steve Cordell
Waylon Bronstrup
Jon Leal vs. Isaac Sifuentez  
Jon Leal
Isaac Sifuentez
Federico Olivera vs. Trevor Wells
Federico Olivera
Trevor Wells
Ruben Marin vs. Cristobal Hernandez
Ruben Marin
Cristobal Hernandez
Timothy Lecomte vs. Carlos Cerna
Timothy LeComte
Carlos Cerna
Kevin Morin vs. Blake Wells  
Kevin Morin
Blake Wells
Peyton Burns vs. Christopher Marks  
Peyton Burns
Christopher Marks
Roxanne Ceasear vs. Fatima Mallett  
Roxanne Ceasear
Fatima Mallett