Pure MMA 2 Next Episode

Pure MMA 2 Next Episode - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on May 12, 2012 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania USA

Celebrities in attendance ... Matthew Riddle Greg Jackson Playmate Sarah Clayton as ring girl Marcus Davis Anthony Rumble Johnson Brian Caraway Johnny Bedford Tickets will be available on .... beafantickets.com or at door or local businesses 2 title fights on the line!!! If you Need a match maker or interested in cage rental please contact me for prices and info!

Directions: Event is at the Wyoming Valley Sports Dome in Wilkes Barre Pa.

Din Thomas vs. Cody Bollinger  
Din Thomas
Cody Bollinger
Michael Byrnes vs. Peter Martin  
Michael Byrnes
Peter Martin
Waylon Lowe vs. Mike Diggs
Waylon Lowe
Mike Diggs
Jason Dent vs. Rustam Khabilov
Jason Dent
Rustam Khabilov
Brett Martinez vs. Kenneth Nagle
Brett Martinez
Kenneth Nagle
Jason Gladey vs. Tyrelle Olding
Jason Gladey
Tyrelle Olding
James Watts vs. Elder Ramos
James Watts
Elder Ramos
Lazaro Gonzalez vs. Craig Moyer
Lazaro Gonzalez
Craig Moyer
Neil Darrow vs. Brandon Williams
Neil Darrow
Brandon Williams