Disorderly Conduct 17: St. Patty's Showdown 3

Disorderly Conduct 17: St. Patty's Showdown 3 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 9, 2013 in Omaha, Nebraska USA

The show that started it all , our third annual St Patty's Showdown back at the historic Tip Top Ballroom in Omaha. It will feature a stand up battle between Midwest veteran Matt Delanoit and hard hitting up & comer Miles Marshall. Also our first ever PRO title. Laramie Shaffer & Chad Obermiller will square off in the Disorderly Conduct Steel to see who is arguable the best 135er in Nebraska & quite possibly the Midwest. This will be another sold out show. Tickets available on ww.cagetix.com

Directions: Parking lot is at the intersection of 15th & Cuming St in Downtown Omaha,NE

Mike Messer vs. Casey Knudsen
Mike Messer
Casey Knudsen
Brandon Wickwire vs. Josh Gardner
Brandon Wickwire
Josh Gardner
Nick Radloff vs. Dakota Mccormach
Nick Radloff
Dakota McCormach
Chadrick Fitzgerald vs. Taylor Escamilla
Chadrick Fitzgerald
Taylor Escamilla
Thomas Arrick vs. Ben Wallingford
Thomas Arrick
Ben Wallingford
Jeremy Heiderman vs. Jaquis Williams
Jeremy Heiderman
Jaquis Williams
Reynold Reed vs. Matt Zuroski
Reynold Reed
Matt Zuroski
Nikita Netjes vs. Jozette Cotton
Nikita Netjes
Jozette Cotton
Vic Hall vs. Matt Delanoit
Vic Hall
Matt Delanoit
Tate Wright vs. Matt Williams
Tate Wright
Matt Williams
Chad Obermiller vs. Laramie Shaffer  
Chad Obermiller
Laramie Shaffer
Tom Kawamura vs. Ben Hansen
Tom Kawamura
Ben Hansen