P U R G A T O R Y - Pro/Am on iPPV

P U R G A T O R Y - Pro/Am on iPPV - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on May 7, 2011 in Toledo, Ohio USA

Pro Fighters and Ammy Fighters Welcome to fill out apps at www.pcf-mma.com or by phone. THIS EVENT WILL BE BROADCASTED ON iPPV ON www.cagefightinglive.com PURGATORY CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTS (PCF) is dedicated to delivering passion, deternimnation, respect and dedication that is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Our aim is to become a promotional leader in the world of combat sports. We create a positive experience for both fighters and fans. An experience which has been proven through our commitment, integrity, honesty and hardwork. We want to offer promising fighters a stage, that belongs to them. We want to offer a chance, to display their talents to a national audience. WE ARE and will continue to be a fighter friendly and fan friendly PURGATORY CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTS strives to provide the most competitive and anticipated matches that the fighters want and the fans want. We are committed to recruit and develop passionate fighters to help them achieve their goals.

Tyler Beckley vs. Brandon Saling  
Tyler Beckley
Brandon Saling
Jake Grigson vs. Jeremy Myers
Jake Grigson
Jeremy Myers
Jacob Draves vs. Greg Caryer
Jacob Draves
Greg Caryer
Ray Hernandez vs. Blane Bailey
Ray Hernandez
Blane Bailey
Matt Dimarcantonio vs. Rustin Jones
Matt DiMarcantonio
Rustin Jones
Nicholas Rodriguez vs. Hussein Hmood
Nicholas Rodriguez
Hussein Hmood
Dave Marfone vs. Gary Allen
Dave Marfone
Gary Allen
Jeremy Czarnecki vs. Brett Ewing
Jeremy Czarnecki
Brett Ewing
David Blattman vs. Shane Parks
David Blattman
Shane Parks
Greg Cross vs. Joshua Squires
Greg Cross
Joshua Squires
Clyde Jordan vs. Forrest Blattman
Clyde Jordan
Forrest Blattman
Corey Rodriguez vs. Alex Schultz
Corey Rodriguez
Alex Schultz
Josh Johnson vs. Nikolaos Boscarino
Josh Johnson
Nikolaos Boscarino
Jarret Laberdee vs. Matt Kurey
Jarret Laberdee
Matt Kurey
Jordan Dusseau vs. Wes Billings
Jordan Dusseau
Wes Billings