FullNelsonPromotions: Fight Night In Fergus Falls

FullNelsonPromotions: Fight Night In Fergus Falls - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on January 11, 2013 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota USA

Amature card featuring one of the best heavy weight title matches in the state. Weigh ins at 4pm at the Z bar located by the BigWoodEvent center located in the same building as the fights.

Directions: I94 west of Alexandria and I94 East of Fargo!

Matthew Thurstin vs. Jeremy Umland  
Matthew Thurstin
Jeremy Umland
Jesse Stein vs. Jessie Hartman
Jesse Stein
Jessie Hartman
Gary Granholm vs. Cody Pahan  
Gary Granholm
Cody Pahan
Tyler Larsen vs. George Spears
Tyler Larsen
George Spears
Jordan Barrett vs. Thomas Krenzel
Jordan Barrett
Thomas Krenzel
Derek Ploe vs. Benjamin Anderson
Derek Ploe
Benjamin Anderson
David Queen vs. Jordan Thurstin
David Queen
Jordan Thurstin