Maximus V

Maximus V - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on September 8, 2012 in Spanish Fork, Utah USA

Tico Pringle is matched against Jared Hatch. Pringle is a good match against Hatch for his experience in Bok Fu Shu and is brown belt, he has a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu, he has great cardio and can take a punch since he played for the BYU football team. He has gone to my gym and sparred with my fighters and did fine that gave me the assurance that it would be a good match.

Jordan Clements vs. Chris Allen
Jordan Clements
Chris Allen
Jarome Hatch vs. Colton Vaughn
Jarome Hatch
Colton Vaughn
Jeremiah Guzman vs. Agustin Espinoza
Jeremiah Guzman
Agustin Espinoza
Vadim Komarov vs. Jeremy Osheim
Vadim Komarov
Jeremy Osheim
Justin Henderson vs. Fransisco Espinoza
Justin Henderson
Fransisco Espinoza
Jared Hatch vs. Tico Pringle
Jared Hatch
Tico Pringle
Greer Haymond vs. Josafat Patino
Greer Haymond
Josafat Patino
George Patino vs. Braeden Kilpack
George Patino
Braeden Kilpack
Travis Broderick vs. Ryan Shaddix
Travis Broderick
Ryan Shaddix