New Breed Fighters 11/26/08

New Breed Fighters 11/26/08 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on November 26, 2008 in Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

THE TRADITION BLEEDS ON On the Eve of Thanksgiving, New Breed Fighters once again brings their special brand of Rock and Roll to the legendary House of Blues Music Hall. Atlantic City's Showboat Casino will host the 19th and most spectacular event yet. Twenty-four highly competitive bouts will be fought highlighted by 3 “can't miss” Title Fights. Tim Boetsch, leader of Triple Threat Fight Team, will bring his Lumber-Jack, Shane Darby, 4-3, to our House in an attempt to snatch the Title from NBF Cruiserweight Champion, Tom van der Horst, 6-1, BEDROC MMA. We have no doubt Tom will be prepared to execute a strategy devised by his talented instructor, John Farrar. Super Welterweight Champ, "Wrestling" Joel Roberts, 4-1, Simrell MMA/Rat Pack Fight Team, will be making his first Title defense against Ryan Vaccaro, 2-1, Oliveira BJJ. "V" has continued to improve at a phenomenal rate, leading us to believe this will be one for the ages. Finally, Steven Katz, legendary owner and instructor of “THE” Rhino Fight Team / N.Y. will debut his team in style. One of his many skilled students, Jared "Flash" Gordon, 3-0, will be fighting NBF veteran Robbie "Flawless" Lawless, 3-0, Militich Fighting Systems, for our coveted Welterweight Title. What will the esteemed Cordo Urso have up his sleeve for the newcomer. The only way to find out is by starting out your holiday with some high intensity entertainment. Come witness 48 of the regions finest, and HUNGRIEST young warriors, representing 31 different fighting styles and teams, feast on BLOOD and GUTS. Join us as we give thanks for those willing to WAGE WAR in a CAGE. Thanksgiving with New Breed Fighters NOVEMBER 26, 2008 Doors open @ 6:00 pm First fight 6:40 pm THE TRADITION BLEEDS ON....... A Letter from a New Breed Mom My greatest thanks and appreciation go out to a very professional 'amateur' fight organization which offers all the perks of the mma world and then some! I, as a parent, remember when my son first wanted to take on this endeavor of going from jiu-jitsu into the world of mma and how much of a change since our first fight prior to the new and vastly improved ownership! WOW isn't enough to say. I was hesitant for his safety and unknowing of the precautions that would be in line for him already. This organization has done all that is possible to propel his desire to continue on and even to 'dream big' for his future in this field. He has gone on to take a gold in the pan ams largely to do with feeling positive about his experience and hopes to continue on with mma. Locally and nationally there isn't a 'bigger show' than 'new breed fighters'! Nothing compares to it with its professional website, products, safety, venue, and ownership aka Scott and family! That is how I family. There intentions have been met by our standards in providing all that this can be!!!! A very thankful mom Lori Philippi

Directions: From New York and North Major interstate highways connect with the Garden State Parkway South. Follow Garden State Parkway south to Exit 38 (Atlantic City Expressway). Follow Atlantic City Expressway to Atlantic City. Expressway ends and becomes Missouri Avenue. Continue on Missouri Avenue, turn Left onto Arctic Avenue. Continue on Arctic Avenue, turn Right onto Delaware Avenue. Proceed on Delaware Avenue to Showboat, 801 Boardwalk. From Atlantic City International Airport From Airport Exit, bear Right onto Amelia Earheart Blvd — go 1.0 mi. Bear Right onto Delilah Road at Delilah Road — go 0.7 mi. Bear Right onto Atlantic City Expressway — go 9.9 mi. Altantic City Expressway becomes Missouri Avenue — go 0.3 mi. Turn Left onto Pacific Avenue — go 1.1 mi. Turn Right onto S New Jersey Avenue — go 0.3 mi. Arrive at 801 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, on the Right. From Philadelphia Starting in Philadelphia, PA on S Broad Street — go 2.8 mi. Bear Right onto I-76 East toward Walt Whitman Bridge — go 5.8 mi. I-76 East becomes Atlantic City Expressway — go 44.3 mi. Atlantic City Expressway becomes Missouri Avenue — go 0.2 mi. Turn Left on Atlantic Avenue — go 1.1 mi. Turn Right on S New Jersey Avenue — go 0.4 mi. Arrive at 801 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, on the right.

Rocky Muzikar vs. Bob Meyer
Rocky Muzikar
Bob Meyer
Justin Tischler vs. Matt Teyssier
Justin Tischler
Matt Teyssier
Evan Chmielski vs. Christopher Price
Evan Chmielski
Christopher Price
Mike Padilla vs. Epifano Diaz
Mike Padilla
Epifano Diaz
Eric Nino vs. Scott Krampetz
Eric Nino
Scott Krampetz
Steve Sierra vs. Phillip Doig
Steve Sierra
Phillip Doig
Kevan Salisbury vs. Deshawn Byrd
Kevan Salisbury
DeShawn Byrd
Anton Berzin vs. Glenn Sonnabend
Anton Berzin
Glenn Sonnabend
Anthony Rosario vs. John Kraynak
Anthony Rosario
John Kraynak
Casey Adams vs. Andy Widddershiem
Casey Adams
Andy Widddershiem
James Vanderbeek vs. Tom Philippi
James VanDerbeek
Tom Philippi
Robert Lawless vs. Jared Gordon  
Robert Lawless
Jared Gordon
Vince Dimedio vs. Jeremy Denardo
Vince DiMedio
Jeremy Denardo
Lewis Rumsey vs. Yanique Mills
Lewis Rumsey
Yanique Mills
Jeremy Pompei vs. Mark Hassmiller
Jeremy Pompei
Mark Hassmiller
David Mcmahon vs. Frank Mullin
David McMahon
Frank Mullin
Tom Kolacz vs. Mike Bergen
Tom Kolacz
Mike Bergen
Randy Danner vs. Ron White Jr
Randy Danner
Ron White Jr
Keith Mcdonald vs. Roland Nichols
Keith McDonald
Roland Nichols
Greg Meier vs. Kyle Weaver
Greg Meier
Kyle Weaver
Tom Vanderhorst vs. Shane Darby  
Tom Vanderhorst
Shane Darby
Ryan Vaccaro vs. Joel Roberts  
Ryan Vaccaro
Joel Roberts
Anthony Williams vs. Liam Kerrigan  
Anthony Williams
Liam Kerrigan