CES MMA: First Blood

CES MMA: First Blood - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on September 17, 2010 in Lincoln, Rhode Island USA

History in the Making as CESMMA presents the first sanctioned MMA event in the history of the state of Rhode Island. Mike "The Beast" Campbell faces off against Magno Almeida in the main Event. Other matches include Lee Beane v. Parker Porther, Rick Hawn v. Samuel Quito, Mat Santos v. Stephen Stengel, Bill Burley v. Glenn Reaves. Luis "Rockstar" Felix v. Joe Dechaves. Also scheduled on the card are Lionel Young, Jimmy Davidson, Ruben Rey, Eric Fama and others.

Mike Campbell vs. Magno Almeida
Mike Campbell
Magno Almeida
Lee Beane vs. Parker Porter
Lee Beane
Parker Porter
Mat Santos vs. Stephen Stengel
Mat Santos
Stephen Stengel
Saul Almeida vs. Peter Jeffrey
Saul Almeida
Peter Jeffrey
Luis Felix vs. Joe Dechaves
Luis Felix
Joe DeChaves
Lionel Young vs. Jarrod Johnson
Lionel Young
Jarrod Johnson
Jose Adriano vs. Todd Sweeney
Jose Adriano
Todd Sweeney