MMA Xtravaganza

MMA Xtravaganza - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 9, 2013 in Nags Head, North Carolina USA

Bouts start at 7pm, doors open 6pm BJJ seminars, self defense, and stand up seminars going on all day at Comfort Inn More info at Gen. Admission at Tables VIP front row Morrison (404.918.8996)

Directions: South of Jennette's Pier Match maker ~ Al SIMMONS 919.600.0738

Gatlin Clifton vs. Cody Turbitt
Gatlin Clifton
Cody Turbitt
Shane Brinn vs. Gary Farrow
Shane Brinn
Gary Farrow
Don Williams vs. Eric Clarke
Don Williams
Eric Clarke
Chris Costello vs. Alan Gurganus
Chris Costello
Alan Gurganus
Andrew Ferguson vs. Kenny Hill
Andrew Ferguson
Kenny Hill
Jeremy Davis vs. Will Derosier
Jeremy Davis
Will DeRosier