Ultimate Reno Combat 41

Ultimate Reno Combat 41 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 1, 2013 in Reno, Nevada USA

Ultimate Reno Combat #41 Saturday June 1st at the Reno Events Center! This event is loaded with great fights! Our last event had 15 fights! way more than any other local MMA event! This upcoming event will be the same or better, we have a title fight with local standout fighter Sinjen Smith 4-0 taking on very tough Rob Gamble 4-4 for the lightweight title, three female fights are scheduled with the return of Brieta Carpenter, Aspen Ladd and Michelle Mix and welcoming Autumn Norton, Lily Ramos, Michael Ingram, Tony Gallegos, Bobby Purewell, Marcus Chisholm and several others! We are also very proud to have the guys from Midtown MMA all the way from Oregon back to show what they have. Very tough Tyler Diamond is also making his return against talented JT Donaldson and these guys will definitely bring it! Saturday June 1st at the Reno Events Center in downtown Reno! Tickets at cagetix.com, ticket master.com and Reno Academy of Combat located at 3010 Mill street Monday thru Friday 3:30-8PM at a discount. Don't settle for anything less!

Directions: 400 N. Center Street, Reno NV. right in downtown Reno

Sinjen Smith vs. Rob Gamble  
Sinjen Smith
Rob Gamble
Auttumn Norton vs. Amber Leibrock
Auttumn Norton
Amber Leibrock
Justin Ellis vs. A.j. Sewell
Justin Ellis
A.J. Sewell
Tyler Diamond vs. Jt Donaldson
Tyler Diamond
JT Donaldson
Liliana Ramos vs. Michelle Mix
Liliana Ramos
Michelle Mix
Brieta Carpenter vs. Nikole Meath
Brieta Carpenter
Nikole Meath
Aspen Ladd vs. Karla Gonzalez-santoyo
Aspen Ladd
Karla Gonzalez-Santoyo
Enrique Benavidez vs. Jose Medina
Enrique Benavidez
Jose Medina
Michael Ingram vs. Erik Herman
Michael Ingram
Erik Herman
Ray Radke vs. Sam Deluca
Ray Radke
Sam Deluca
Justin Durham vs. Nick Taylor
Justin Durham
Nick Taylor
Juan Gallegos vs. Larry Gunter
Juan Gallegos
Larry Gunter
Bobby Purewal vs. Marcus Smith-chisholm
Bobby Purewal
Marcus Smith-Chisholm
Travis Hyland vs. Andrew Walton
Travis Hyland
Andrew Walton