Kick Down 94

Kick Down 94 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on July 16, 2011 in Denver, Colorado USA

On Saturday July 16, 2011 at the Red Lion Hotel located at I-70 and Quebec in Denver a 12 bout fight card featuring Vellore Caballero VS Matt Vigil for the Kick Down men's professional MMA title. Chuck Norris WCL veteran Jack Johnson to face Larry Williams for the UFA Lightweight PRO title. Ricky Johnson VS Sammy Rind. 4 titles on the line, 1 womens bout, new talent. Doors open at 6:30PM first bout at 7:30PM GENERAL ADMISSION just $25 Call 720-422-5154 for more details.

Directions: I-70 to Quebec go south take first up ramp and cross over. Call Hotel for more directions at 303-321-6666.

Vellore Caballaro vs. Matt Vigil  
Vellore Caballaro
Matt Vigil
Jack Johnson vs. Larry Williams  
Jack Johnson
Larry Williams
Ricky Johnson vs. Sammy Rind
Ricky Johnson
Sammy Rind
Logan Petro vs. Blaine Power  
Logan Petro
Blaine Power
Anthony Peairs vs. Taj Ashaheed
Anthony Peairs
Taj Ashaheed
Maureen Riordon vs. Britney Elkin
Maureen Riordon
Britney Elkin
Cody Connell vs. Jimmy Lacrue
Cody Connell
Jimmy Lacrue
Marcus Lucero vs. Abe Gonzales
Marcus Lucero
Abe Gonzales
Kenny Stone vs. Jarrod Rupley
Kenny Stone
Jarrod Rupley
Quinton Dooley vs. John Nelson Griffith
Quinton Dooley
John Nelson Griffith