Atlas Fights 16

Atlas Fights 16 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on August 3, 2013 in Vicksburg, Mississippi USA

Atlas Fight 16 will be in the Lady Luck Casino Arena on Saturday, August 3rd. The event is scheduled for a total of twelve amateur and professional mixed martial arts bouts including hometown favorite fighters from Vicksburg, Mississippi and some of the most talented fighters in the region. The main event will be between talent professional fighters from Florida, Martin “Smash” Brown (5-2) and Matt “No Mercy” Kersse (5-1). Brown is originally from Vicksburg, but lives and trains in Tampa, Florida now training at Shift MMA and Gracie Tampa. He comes from a family of kickboxers, with him starting as young as eight years old in competitive sports. At 20 years old, Brown started training for MMA and adding disciplines throughout the years. Eight years later, he finds himself better-rounded than ever before. “I feel that I am a well-rounded fighter and that I can only advance from here,” Brown said. “I’m excited about the opportunity to fight in my hometown and in front of my friends and family. I have a solid strategy and can’t wait to put on a good fight for the fans.” Kersse is fighting out of Sarasota and trains with Ground MMA and Fitness. He was a collegiate wrestler and had his first MMA fight at the age of nineteen years old. 24-year old Kersse finds himself well-rounded as a fighter now and has a history of finishing his fights in round one. “I’m excited to fight a tough opponent, but never underestimate the little guy – I’m stronger than I look,” Kersse said. “I have speed, my youth, and I’m hard to deal with. It’s going to be a great fight and I’m looking forward in going to war.” The co main event will feature Ken “Copy Cat” Dubose (2-1) from Meridian, Mississippi against pro debut fighter, Marques Jackson from X3 Sports training camp in Atlanta. Dubose trains out of TNT Boxing and Relson Gracie 601. He is a well-rounded fighter with a background competing in competitive sports. He first found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and then fell into MMA. He has won most of his fights by submissions. “I think I have more experience and knowledge in the game than him,” Dubose said. “I’m ready to put on a good show and show Marques that he should of waited a little longer to go pro.” Jackson started training MMA right out of high school in 2009. He jumped right into training all disciplines of the sport. He is currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai and he feel those are his strengths in the fight game. “As far as my advantages in this fight, I know that Dubose is younger so I feel that I am the more experienced fighter,” Jackson said. “I’m excited to be a part of this event and for my pro debut. It’s going to be a great fight.” Hometown favorite fighter from Vicksburg, Kelly Leo (4-3), will be in a featured fight against William “Slim Reaper” Kuhn (10-10) from Atlanta. Kuhn and Jackson are training partners at X3 Sports. The “Slim Reaper” is known for going the distance in his fights, but also has several brutal knockout victories. Kuhn started training in 2007 in Jiu Jitsu then took more of an interest in striking. “I have been a pro for about four years and have won and lost to some of the best fighters around,” Kuhn said. “You have to be well-rounded in this sport. I think I have every advantage when it comes to this fight against Kelly including my striking, grappling, and wrestling. If he looks like he did in the videos I saw, I feel confident that I will be able to do anything I want.” Leo has relocated to Vicksburg where he is the Head Trainer at River City Wrestling. Previously Leo was the Head Trainer at Madison Wrestling Club in Jackson. Leo comes from a long history of competitive sports and started training for MMA when he was 32 years old. Now at 39, he finds himself to be a well-rounded fighter with strengths in submission wrestling. “I think that this will be a good fight,” Leo says. “I am use to dealing with younger guys who are quicker and stronger than I am. I feel stronger at 170lbs. and more powerful, in shape, and conditioned than I have ever been. Coming from a sports background, that says a lot. I am good on the ground and I am hard to deal with. I see from his videos that he is hard to finish - and I want to stop that.” Tickets start at $30. All ages welcome. Doors open at 7pm, fights start at 8pm. Buy tickets now for Atlas Fights 16 at Go “LIKE” Atlas Fights on Facebook to View the Fight Card, Fighter Interviews, to Follow Round by Round Fight Night Results, and much more at

Directions: Lady Luck Casino Vicksburg, MS

Martin Brown vs. Matt Kersse
Martin Brown
Matt Kersse
Demarques Jackson vs. Ken Dubose
Demarques Jackson
Ken DuBose
Kelly Leo vs. William Kuhn
Kelly Leo
William Kuhn
Phillip Soriano vs. Evan Warrington
Phillip Soriano
Evan Warrington
Jerad Gonsalves vs. Chris Ortiz
Jerad Gonsalves
Chris Ortiz
Jonathan Falukner vs. John Kemp
Jonathan Falukner
John Kemp
Roscoe Forch vs. Henry Hampton
Roscoe Forch
Henry Hampton
Cody Vines vs. Jeremy Poole
Cody Vines
Jeremy Poole
Sidney Garrett vs. Keith Jerrell
Sidney Garrett
Keith Jerrell
Patrick Partridge vs. Jesse Davis
Patrick Partridge
Jesse Davis
Ethan Fulkner vs. Darryl Scott
Ethan Fulkner
Darryl Scott