Purgatory Championship Fighting - PCF2

Purgatory Championship Fighting - PCF2 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 12, 2011 in Toledo, Ohio USA

www.pcf-mma.com Professional and AMMY FIGHTS PCF2 is going to be making historic breakthrough and becoming the most anticipating league with the professionalism and fan/fighter support. Live broadcasted fights, local sports TV and news, and newpaper interviews with be in attendance. Seating with be ready for 1100 people in attendance for PCF2... PRO AM FIGHTS in a 28ft cage! THIS IS PURGATORY! Mission Statement Purgatory Championship Fights (PCF) strives to provide the most competitive and anticipated matches that the fighters want and the fans want. We are committed to recruit and develop passionate fighters to help them achieve their goals. Company Overview We are a Northwest Ohio based organization owned by AVJ Events, LLC. PCF is dedicated to delivering passion, determination, respect and dedication that is at the heart of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Our aim is to become a promotional leader in the world of combat sports. We create a positive experience for both fighters and fans…an experience which has been proven through our commitment, integrity, honesty and hard work. We want to offer promising fighters a stage that belongs to them. We want to offer a chance to display their talents to a national audience. We are and will continue to be, a fighter and fan-friendly organization.

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Matthew Montalvo vs. Jeremy Myers
Matthew Montalvo
Jeremy Myers
Matt Young vs. Jake Grigson
Matt Young
Jake Grigson
Tyler Beckley vs. Steve Durig
Tyler Beckley
Steve Durig
Andrew Huffman vs. Ray Hernandez
Andrew Huffman
Ray Hernandez
Rick Day vs. Rudy Takacs
Rick Day
Rudy Takacs
Antonio Castillo Jr vs. Jeremy Czarnecki
Antonio Castillo Jr
Jeremy Czarnecki
Casey Benavidez vs. Lance Thiele
Casey Benavidez
Lance Thiele
Joshua Powell vs. Tim Enright
Joshua Powell
Tim Enright
Shane Parks vs. Nathen Long
Shane Parks
Nathen Long