Bully Bash and Brawl 2

Bully Bash and Brawl 2 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on August 8, 2009 in Austin, Texas USA

The BULLY BASH and BRAWL is the hottest new event to hit the entertainment world. It is a combination of an American Bully show held during the day and Mixed Martial Arts fights at night. This mega event will keep you entertained all day, with some of the best looking bully pitbulls the nation has to offer; after the bully show your guaranteed to be on the edge of your seat, with in your face MMA action. The American Bully show portion of the event has some of the best dogs from Razors Edge, Gottiline, and Mikeland bloodlines and is sanctioned by the ABKC. Every BULLY BASH and BRAWL event is covered by Gottiline Magazine, so come enjoy your self and maybe you and your dog will end up in Gottiline Magazine.

Directions: Travis County Exposition Center 7311 Decker Lane Austin, TX 78724 Phone: (512) 854-4900 Fax: (512) 928-9953

Chad Cook vs. Matthew Thompson
Chad Cook
Matthew Thompson
Phillip Preece vs. William Spicer
Phillip Preece
William Spicer
Corey Bellino vs. Kristopher Flores
Corey Bellino
Kristopher Flores
Anita Rodriguez vs. Tessa Simpson
Anita Rodriguez
Tessa Simpson
Humberto Deleon vs. Paco Castillo
Humberto Deleon
Paco Castillo
Ruben Davila vs. Matt Holland
Ruben Davila
Matt Holland
Frank Ortega vs. Ruben Espinoza
Frank Ortega
Ruben Espinoza
Gabriel Guerrero vs. Micah Franks
Gabriel Guerrero
Micah Franks
Jesus Rivera vs. Van Vo
Jesus Rivera
Van Vo
Reynaldo Trujillo vs. Warren Stewart
Reynaldo Trujillo
Warren Stewart