Matrix Fights 1

Matrix Fights 1 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on February 27, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

This will mark the debut of Matrix Fights as it looks to establish itself as the number one Philadelphia-based MMA promotion. Founded by Gracie black belt Phil Migliarese (Balance Studios) and Philadelphia luminary Jimmy Binns Jr., Matrix will be debuting at The Arena (formerly known as The ECW Arena) in one of the greatest combat sports areas in the world, South Philadelphia (made famous by the Academy Award winning film Rocky). The show will promote five pro fights and seven amateur fights. Please visit for more information. Fighters, trainers, and managers interested in competing on the show can contact Sam Caplan at: Please note that we will not be paying lodging or travel for this event so please only apply if you are in PA, NJ, NY, and DE (and as far as MA or VA if you are willing to pay your own expenses).

Directions: Visit the directions section for The Arena's website at:

Matt Makowski vs. Levon Maynard
Matt Makowski
Levon Maynard
Joel Wyatt vs. Cole Konrad
Joel Wyatt
Cole Konrad
Aaron Meisner vs. Francios Ambang
Aaron Meisner
Francios Ambang
Will Martinez, Jr. vs. Mitch Lyons
Will Martinez, Jr.
Mitch Lyons
Julio Rosario vs. Steven Baker
Julio Rosario
Steven Baker
Aaron Hicks vs. Jimmy Cerra
Aaron Hicks
Jimmy Cerra
Luis Vasquez vs. Nah-shon Burrell
Luis Vasquez
Nah-Shon Burrell
Daniel Matala vs. Michael Piekarski
Daniel Matala
Michael Piekarski
Joe Difranco vs. Ryan Gunning
Joe Difranco
Ryan Gunning