ISKA State Championship Grand Prix: Warfare 2

ISKA State Championship Grand Prix: Warfare 2 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on September 23, 2011 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA

This is part 2 of the State Championships, if you missed part 1 you missed the most competitive fights the south has ever seen, we crowned 6 State Champs and 3 Regional champs,and for part 2 we made it better. Where else in the carolinas are you going to see this many ranked fighters fighting each other for real belts? ladies and ......WARFARE!!!!!!!

Joshua Williams vs. Nick Smith  
Joshua Williams
Nick Smith
Matthew Coakley vs. Solon Staley  
Matthew Coakley
Solon Staley
Jason Dillon vs. Jeremy Severn  
Jason Dillon
Jeremy Severn
Wil Newsome vs. Moses Reyes
Wil Newsome
Moses Reyes
Cody Jones vs. Ryan Williamson
Cody Jones
Ryan Williamson
Derek Brown vs. Matt Teitsort
Derek Brown
Matt Teitsort
Micah Barr vs. Adrian Henderson
Micah Barr
Adrian Henderson
Jeremiah Golda vs. Dan Hedrick
Jeremiah Golda
Dan Hedrick
Ma Singleton vs. Whitt Eddenfield
MA Singleton
Whitt Eddenfield