New Breed Fighters XXIX

New Breed Fighters XXIX - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 30, 2010 in Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

New Breed Fighters is having a huge mma weekend. 2 back to back shows. First one Fri. 4/30/10 and the second the next day Sat. 5/1/10. We are looking for fighters to participate. We will have 16 fights Fri followed by another 16 Sat. This show will be attracting much media attention and great fan fare. It will also be aired in 4 million homes on Blackbelt tv. If you and your team would like to be a part of this memorable event please submit your fighters information by Friday 3/12. Thank you and looking forward to working with you. Regards, R.Scott Morgan President / CEO CMTM, LLC, d/b/a; New Breed Fighters 609-220-6495 The establishment of New Breed Fighters as the #1 organization to develop and prepare you to become ONE STEP CLOSER to your dreams, goals and aspirations was the brain storm of promoter R. Scott Morgan. New Breed Fighters, as it is perceived today, is the result of hard work, dedication, and the commitment of its creator and his loyal team. We are truly an organization for fighters and fans. New Breed Fighters was not formed to make profits off of hard working teams and then use it to open competitive schools in your area. By participating on NBF events, our goals are to help instructors and schools to prepare their students for that next step, while marketing the individual Teams they represent. We do not own, operate or market our own schools. Consequently we are not advancing our schools at the expense of others on our own shows. New Breed Fighters can truly state that we are here to promote a sport and it's participants without any hidden agendas. This is why New Breed Fghters has the consistent participation of more teams and fighters than any promotion, by far, in the region. We are proud of our accomplishments and thank each and every individual who have recognized and appreciated our efforts enough to pledge their loyal support

Directions: From Philadelphia, take the Atlantic City Expressway east, or take the A.C. Connector to Exit E and follow the signs to Uptown. From New York, take the New Jersey Turnpike to the Garden State Parkway south, then take the Atlantic City Expressway, turn left on Pacific Avenue and turn right on North Carolina Avenue, or take the A.C. Connector to Exit E and follow the signs to Uptown. Valet parking is available 24 hours a day at the North Carolina Avenue entrance. Self parking is available in our enclosed garage on North Carolina Avenue.

Michael Andrillo vs. Dan Hughes
Michael Andrillo
Dan Hughes
Ryan Gutshall vs. Gregory Guth
Ryan Gutshall
Gregory Guth
Peter Mchugh vs. Stewart Dawes
Peter McHugh
Stewart Dawes
Max Bohanan vs. Tom Backman
Max Bohanan
Tom Backman
John Walker vs. Andrew Aguilar
John Walker
Andrew Aguilar
Bruce Quinn vs. Anthony Rodriguez
Bruce Quinn
Anthony Rodriguez
Kevin Trzcinski vs. Luke Robinson
Kevin Trzcinski
Luke Robinson
Chris Matakas vs. Keith Mcintire
Chris Matakas
Keith McIntire
Matt Netterville vs. Chad Waelchli
Matt Netterville
Chad Waelchli
Eliezar Mendez-garcia vs. Anthony Hollo
Eliezar Mendez-Garcia
Anthony Hollo
Paul Marinaccio vs. Jimbo Hoffman
Paul Marinaccio
Jimbo Hoffman
Joe Cacciapaglia vs. Louis Apalucci
Joe Cacciapaglia
Louis Apalucci