RING RULERS: Chaos In The Cage

RING RULERS: Chaos In The Cage - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on January 30, 2009 in Natchitoches, Louisiana USA

Jon Leal vs. Daniel Trevino
Jon Leal
Daniel Trevino
Javon Duhan vs. Cory Kunkleman
Javon Duhan
Cory Kunkleman
Steven Hiss vs. Justin Calhoun
Steven Hiss
Justin Calhoun
Tyler Rashell vs. Joel Walker
Tyler Rashell
Joel Walker
Waldrick Brooks vs. Jeff Gunnels
Waldrick Brooks
Jeff Gunnels
Dewayne Murrell vs. Andre Kavanaugh
Dewayne Murrell
Andre Kavanaugh
Michael Harrell vs. Tyson Mabry
Michael Harrell
Tyson Mabry
Shannon Shain vs. Corey Hodge
Shannon Shain
Corey Hodge
Tim Simms vs. Justin Smith
Tim Simms
Justin Smith
Zack Thomas vs. Stephen Adkisson
Zack Thomas
Stephen Adkisson
Brian Willis vs. John Jones
Brian Willis
John Jones