Kick Down 103

Kick Down 103 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on September 22, 2012 in Casper, Wyoming USA

On Saturday September 22, 2012 MMA returns to Casper, Wyoming with up to 12 bouts of action in the cage featuring the return of Travis Peak who will face Steven Simmons in the main event. Joey Munoz 9-0 will face Billy Johnson in the CO-MAIN event for the Kick Down featherweight title. Margaret Bloom and Staci Vega will represent Casper in 2 women's MMA bouts. Fighters from Wyoming. Colorado, Nebraska and beyond will make up the fight card. For tickets and additional information call 720-422-5154

Travis Peak vs. Steven Simmons  
Travis Peak
Steven Simmons
Joey Munoz vs. Billy Johnson  
Joey Munoz
Billy Johnson
Margaret Bloom vs. Stephanie Skinner  
Margaret Bloom
Stephanie Skinner
Staci Vega vs. Rosa Acevedo
Staci Vega
Rosa Acevedo
Mathew Davis vs. Matthew Peckham
Mathew Davis
Matthew Peckham
Eric Maestas vs. Carlos Fajardo
Eric Maestas
Carlos Fajardo
Damon Shaw vs. Johnathon Howard
Damon Shaw
Johnathon Howard
Jonathan Huckins vs. Nick Clem
Jonathan Huckins
Nick Clem