Yankee Lake Brawlroom 11

Yankee Lake Brawlroom 11 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 25, 2009 in Brookfield, Ohio USA

This is our eleventh amateur event at Yankee Lake Ballroom. The goal of this event is to provide local fighters with an opportunity to compete against competitors with similar experience. If you are interested in fighting, sponsoring, or attending this event please contact Chuck Haskell at 724-699-1725 or visit our web site: yankeelakebrawlroom.com.

Directions: From Interstate 80 take the Hubbard/Sharon exit, Rt. 7N. Just past Flying J Rt 7 veers left. Follow this to the square in Brookfield, approximately 4 miles, where you will turn left then an immediate right continuing on Rt. 7. Yankee Lake Ballroom is on the right approximately 2 miles north of the Brookfield Square.

James Pisano vs. Kyle Wetzel
James Pisano
Kyle Wetzel
Dom Cinicola vs. John Knez
Dom Cinicola
John Knez
Easton Johnson vs. Jared Rothert
Easton Johnson
Jared Rothert
Ben Mellring vs. Adam Stewart
Ben Mellring
Adam Stewart
Nate Glaser vs. Jusean Foster
Nate Glaser
Jusean Foster
Chace Seger vs. Josh Barker
Chace Seger
Josh Barker
Alex Burt vs. Jeremiah Peak
Alex Burt
Jeremiah Peak
Ron Bigley vs. Derek Fitzer
Ron Bigley
Derek Fitzer
Alvin Worells vs. Alex Carnathan
Alvin Worells
Alex Carnathan
Gary Blair vs. Stephen Misterka
Gary Blair
Stephen Misterka
Andrew Riddle vs. Adam Milstead
Andrew Riddle
Adam Milstead
Damian Rose vs. Craig Wilson
Damian Rose
Craig Wilson
Joe Wagner vs. Garrett Sahene  
Joe Wagner
Garrett Sahene
Mike Linza vs. Kevin Zalac
Mike Linza
Kevin Zalac