Battle of New Orleans CageFight # 23

Battle of New Orleans CageFight # 23 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on October 15, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Dear fighters, managers, and corner men, The official weigh in for the fights will take place at Ancona's Gym located at 3200 North Arnoult rd in Metairie , Louisiana 70002. at 6pm on Thursday, Oct 14th! At this time you should have all blood work on hand to be screened for the next days event. Do not, I repeat, do not send your blood work to the commissions office, you must have your blood work papers in hand at the weigh ins period! No blood work no fight and no questions asked on your part! And it must be good within 6 months of the fight date. If you can't make the weigh ins Thursday night, contact us and let us know what time you will be coming in ! Food and drink will be served at the immediately following. call for more info at 504-606-4044. Stay healthy and get ready to fight! All fighters and managers will be staying at the Landmark hotel, just 3 blocks from the gym. The fight will also be held at this location at Ancona's Gym: Great weather is on the way! We couldn't ask for more. Get ready for the October Fight Fest!!!

Directions: exit I-10 north causeway blvd, go 1 mile to 18th st and take left at Whitney Bank building, go straight to North Arnoult rd and take left to 3200 North Arnoult rd. & 19th st

Devon Smith vs. Joshua Darila
Devon Smith
Joshua Darila
Rocky Chaupetta vs. Joel Ottley
Rocky Chaupetta
Joel Ottley
David Garcia vs. Matt Alsobrooks
David Garcia
Matt Alsobrooks
Ronald Solomon vs. Kameron Dixon
Ronald Solomon
Kameron Dixon
Zach Cotthren vs. Drew Atchinson
Zach Cotthren
Drew Atchinson
Jonathan Rodriguez vs. Justin Villa
Jonathan Rodriguez
Justin Villa
Brandon Taylor vs. Sebastian Angel
Brandon Taylor
Sebastian Angel