TXC: Legends 2

TXC: Legends 2 - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on October 19, 2013 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan USA

Get the Champagne ready; it's time for another huge celebration. Triple X Cagefighting (TXC): Michigan’s Elite in Mixed Martial Arts, The Premiere MMA Promotion in the Mid-West is hosting, “Legends 2” the second installment of there Pro Series on Saturday, October 19th 2013. TXC in Association with The Macomb Music Theator is bringing Professional MMA to Mt Clemens, Michigan to showcase its local and national talent. On October 19th 2013 TXC “Legends 2” will feature fighters from all over the country; 10 professional MMA bouts scheduled. With Michigan having a New Sanctioning Body, (The Unarmed Combat Commission) Pro MMA shows are limited to about 2 a year! TXC is putting on this exciting Professional MMA Event so Martial Artists can fight here in Michigan to show their friends and families what they are all about. We don’t need a bunch of random Promoters coming here just to do shows. We need a promotion that is going to showcase our talented fighters and this event does just that. “This event in Mt Clemens is for all Michigan fight fans!” – says the president of TXC. “This is an exciting time for our state and I hope that everyone will come out and support these fighters, and all of the Professional MMA Events that everyone worked so hard to have in Michigan.” Look for an action packed night full of MMA excitement from the best fighters in the Mid-West. "There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing fighters come though our organization and find great success on a national stage. You can buy tickets from Neptix.com or from your local Fighters!! For group tickets Call 248-252-0427

Josh Burns vs. Matthew Eckerle
Josh Burns
Matthew Eckerle
Ryan Pokryfky vs. Derrick Weaver
Ryan Pokryfky
Derrick Weaver
Cody Stamann vs. Adam Alvarez
Cody Stamann
Adam Alvarez
James Gray vs. Andrew Ventimiglia
James Gray
Andrew Ventimiglia
John Schulz vs. Anthony Smith
John Schulz
Anthony Smith
Derrick Mandell vs. The Daniel Winston
Derrick Mandell
The Daniel Winston
Shamir Garcia vs. Ryan Scheeper
Shamir Garcia
Ryan Scheeper
Andrew Hellner vs. Justin Jaynes
Andrew Hellner
Justin Jaynes
Tom Bagnasco vs. Jacob Butler
Tom Bagnasco
Jacob Butler