Gladiators of the Cage: The Road to Glory VII

Gladiators of the Cage: The Road to Glory VII - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on July 19, 2014 in Northfield Park, Ohio USA

Gladiators of the Cage (GOTC MMA)-Epic Leap Entertainment LLC. is one of the fastest growing MMA promotions on the East Coast. Based out of the Pittsburgh, PA area, GOTC has been selling out every show since January 2013 at Stage AE-Pittsburgh to a 1,400 plus person fan base. July 19th Hard Rock Rocksino near Cleveland in Northfield Park, OH will be the first time any MMA promotions have ever been in a casino in Ohio. We're looking for the best of the best men and women across the U.S. and/or locally to put on this upcoming fight card. Please contact Rich Miller and/or Robert Joseph for more information. GOTC MMA is nationally televised on TUFF TV (reaches 35 million plus viewers) and locally on FOX and Root Sports. news website will be launching June 1st with the online magazine shortly following.

Dom Steele vs. Jose Figueroa
Dom Steele
Jose Figueroa
Zach Gobel vs. Rocky Edwards  
Zach Gobel
Rocky Edwards
Jordan Espinosa vs. Jeremy Pender
Jordan Espinosa
Jeremy Pender
Dann Cucuta vs. Aaron Jeffery
Dann Cucuta
Aaron Jeffery
Josh Rohler vs. Chris Teague
Josh Rohler
Chris Teague
Cullen Phillips vs. John Dirham
Cullen Phillips
John Dirham
Cody Hier vs. Alan Huffman
Cody Hier
Alan Huffman
Justin Jarvis vs. David Shim
Justin Jarvis
David Shim
Marc Sestok vs. Raleigh Abbott
Marc Sestok
Raleigh Abbott
Deon Goodlow vs. Zack Grossman
Deon Goodlow
Zack Grossman