American Fight League: Bulletproof

American Fight League: Bulletproof - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on May 30, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia USA

Two fights officially announced for the AFL’s May 30th BULLETPROOF event in Atlanta’s Philips Arena, highlighted by grudge match. Kelly Farr of the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission has officially approved the American Fight League's BULLETPROOF bout card. The event will take place in Atlanta at Philips Arena. This is the first mixed martial arts event allowed in the venue. The fight card is full of hometown fighters including the main event that will see AFL World Lightweight Champion, UFC veteran Diego Saraiva (12-6-1) who will square off against the incredibly tough Josh Cate. Cate (5-4-2), a jiu-jitsu black belt under Hermes Franca, has wanted to fight Diego for some time. He has gone on record sating he feels that Diego's jiu-jitsu is impressive, but his is equally as good or better. Now he wants the chance to prove it on one of the nation's biggest stages. "I have wanted this fight for so long just to prove that I am one of the best jiu-jitsu guys in the game”, Josh said. “Diego is amazing, no doubt about that. The problem is that for various reasons, unknown to me, it couldn't happen. I'm not saying he's been ducking me or anything, by any means. I'm just tired of walking about it now. It's time to get after it. I wouldn't care if this fight was in Philips or my backyard. It just needs to happen". Saraiva, an Atlanta native, won the AFL World Lightweight Championship at eRUPPtion held in Lexington, KY on March 7th by defeating Joe "The Hammer" Ammerman in round 1 by rear naked choke. He doesn't see this going any differently. "Josh is a phenomenal athlete with a misleading record. He has really improved since the beginning of his pro career. He is one of those fighters that on any given night he could beat you if you aren't careful. Don’t mistake what I am saying here. I am keeping this championship and I hope he knows it. I won't give it up, especially not in front of my hometown crowd. I have a lot of fans, friends, and family that are going to be there and I am going to put on a good show. If he thinks his jiu-jitsu is better than mine, well I am sorry he is making that mistake. I have been training hard with Junior and Rafhael (Assuncao) along with Douglas (Lima) and Rory (Singer). They have been pushing me harder than ever before”. CEO, BJ Santiago was eager to talk bout the match-up. “What makes this fight so intriguing is that Hermes Franca and Diego Saraiva are from the town of Fortaleza in Brazil. It’s going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Really, what it comes down to is what Josh learned from Franca against Diego’s proven skills. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this fight will take place all on the ground. I actually think Diego will want to stand with Cate. He has lead in his hands. My friend Jorge Gurgel had his jaw shattered in his war with him(Saraiva). I have had a few people ask me why I let Diego and a few others fight twice in a row. I always tell them that they can try to stop these guys from fighting in their hometown. That would be like telling Rich Franklin he couldn't fight in Cincinatti”. Another championship fight, the 2nd of three, sees the return of AFL veteran and instructor trainer for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, George “Loaded” Lockhart (7-2). “George is a devastating striker”, said Atlanta matchmaker Tony Metcalfe. “That kid has dynamite in his hands and a lot of fans because of it here in Atlanta. The thing that’s scary about him is he’s a different fighter every time he comes out. If he wants to beat you on the ground, he does. If he wants to finish you with strikes, he can. This kid is by far one of the best in the country at 185 pounds” Lockhart will be facing off against a true MMA veteran, George Allen for the AFL World Lightweight Championship. Allen has over 25 professional MMA fights in his career and has fought in King of the Cage, Bas Rutten Invitionals, WEF, Hook n’Shoot, and the IFC. When asked about his opponent Lockhart said, “He has a lot of experience and that’s what makes people dangerous. You can be one of the best in the world and lose. Look at Shogun vs. Forrest. No one thought he (Griffin) would win, really. The same can be said about Keith (Jardine) vs. Chuck Liddell. Like the cliché goes, styles make fights. I only want to fight the guys that are going to push me to the limit. I have always asked for the best opponents available and I think Tony (Metcalfe) came through for me big time with Allen”. BJ Santiago finished with this statement: “Records are important, but we want opponents with styles that will test our fighters and their strengths. No one is protected in our league. No exceptions. You don’t create the best fighters in the world by hand selecting opponents because of marketing needs”. AFL BULLETPROOF will take place May 30th in Atlanta, GA. It is the first Mixed Martial Arts event to take place in Philips Arena. Also fighting: Junior Assuncao, Douglas Lima, Dan Christison, Sam Halloway, Brent Weedman, and more... Media Contact: Sean McClure 859-699-3583

Directions: Philips Arena is located next to CNN Center, at the intersection of Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive (formerly Techwood Drive) Philips Arena 1 Philips Dr. Atlanta, GA 30303

Brent Weedman vs. Douglas Lima  
Brent Weedman
Douglas Lima
Josh Gate vs. Diego Saraiva  
Josh Gate
Diego Saraiva
Torrance Taylor vs. Junior Assuncao
Torrance Taylor
Junior Assuncao
Sam Holloway vs. Daniel Christison
Sam Holloway
Daniel Christison
Willie Smalls vs. Ethan Garrison
Willie Smalls
Ethan Garrison
George Allen vs. George Lockhart  
George Allen
George Lockhart
David Curby vs. Robert Ramey
David Curby
Robert Ramey