New Breed Fighters: One Step Closer

New Breed Fighters: One Step Closer - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 11, 2009 in Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

“New Breed Fighters” bring a ferocious evening of Mixed Martial Arts to Resorts Casino Hotel After a hiatus that seemed like an eternity, New Breed Fighters returned in grand fashion. Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. hosted what some are describing as the greatest MMA event the city has seen in a long time. People came out in droves to see our new venue. Filling the esteemed, historic theater to capacity, literally hundreds of people, who couldn't get into the event, scurried into the casino restaurants and bars to view this dynamic event on hotels TV monitors. The show was offered live on every monitor in the casino and every television in the hotel rooms. If you made the trip down, Resorts made sure they made available every thrilling moment. Resorts Superstar Theater, home to some of the most famous entertainers and fighters of our era provided the ideal setting for an organization which has made its mark producing an event few can equal.

Directions: Directions to RESORTS ATLANTIC CITY CASINO 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ (609) 344-6000 From Philadelphia, take the Atlantic City Expressway east, or take the A.C. Connector to Exit E and follow the signs to Uptown. From New York, take the New Jersey Turnpike to the Garden State Parkway south, then take the Atlantic City Expressway, turn left on Pacific Avenue and turn right on North Carolina Avenue, or take the A.C. Connector to Exit E and follow the signs to Uptown. Valet parking is available 24 hours a day at the North Carolina Avenue entrance. Self parking is available in our enclosed garage on North Carolina Avenue

Billy Dee Williams vs. Ivan Pinzon
Billy Dee Williams
Ivan Pinzon
Steve Sierra vs. Philip Ferraro
Steve Sierra
Philip Ferraro
Collin Sharpe vs. Matt Roeloffs
Collin Sharpe
Matt Roeloffs
Adam Skillin vs. Eric Nino
Adam Skillin
Eric Nino
Steven Romanides vs. Mark Patock
Steven Romanides
Mark Patock
Andrew Aucott vs. Mark Hassmiller
Andrew Aucott
Mark Hassmiller
Khalil Malamug vs. Alex Puma
Khalil Malamug
Alex Puma
Epifano Diaz vs. Ernesto Perez
Epifano Diaz
Ernesto Perez
Chris Bretton vs. Dan Hughes
Chris Bretton
Dan Hughes
Ryan Burtis vs. Harry Sankey
Ryan Burtis
Harry Sankey
Michael Lastner vs. Jonavin Webb
Michael Lastner
Jonavin Webb
Mike Quisimbing vs. Noah Schneider
Mike Quisimbing
Noah Schneider
Ryan Derstine vs. Jermaine Winborne
Ryan Derstine
Jermaine Winborne
Omar Melendez vs. Victor Romero
Omar Melendez
Victor Romero
Ryan Lutz vs. Dan Cion  
Ryan Lutz
Dan Cion
Jeremy Pompei vs. Evan Chmielski  
Jeremy Pompei
Evan Chmielski
David Mcmahon vs. Frank Mullin  
David McMahon
Frank Mullin
Tom Philippi vs. James Vanderbeek  
Tom Philippi
James VanDerbeek
Keith Mcdonald vs. Anton Berzin
Keith McDonald
Anton Berzin