American Fighter

American Fighter - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on March 14, 2015 in Rock Springs, Wyoming USA

Come and watch a variety of skills in the cage on Saturday March 14! There will be 2 Pro fights as well as MANY Ammy fights. The Main event will be Rock Springs native Joe Guillen who hasnt been in the cage in 3 years VS Vern Earwood of Colorado who hasn't been in the cage in a Year and a half. This as well as the rest of the evenings events you WON'T WANT TO MISS!

Directions: At the Sweetwater County Events Complex in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Todd Cabrera vs. Stacey Stewart
Todd Cabrera
Stacey Stewart
Briston Brenton vs. Isaiah Reyez
Briston Brenton
Isaiah Reyez
Jeremiah Wright vs. David Maggio
Jeremiah Wright
David Maggio
Michele Robles vs. Hazel Wirth
Michele Robles
Hazel Wirth
Kenneth Brenneman vs. Eric Spann
Kenneth Brenneman
Eric Spann
Hector Lumba vs. Ali Farkhar
Hector Lumba
Ali Farkhar
Colton Roberson vs. Ryan Landis
Colton Roberson
Ryan Landis
Ryan Wagner vs. Joe Guillen
Ryan Wagner
Joe Guillen