Shogun Fights III

Shogun Fights III - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on November 13, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland USA

Shogun Fights III on Saturday November 13th will have the biggest VIP Guest list to date. Scheduled to appear at Shogun Fights III are former UFC welterweight Champion Matt Serra, UFC veteran Pete "Drago" Sell, WEC lightweight contender Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, WEC featherweight contender Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia and former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown, MLB hall of famer & stolen base King Ricky Henderson and you can expect to see several members of the Baltimore Ravens. VIP Party catering will be by Valentino's with live music by Mobtown Saints. The afterparty will be at Mist.


Mike Baldwin vs. David Bates
Mike Baldwin
David Bates
Daniel Root vs. Tony Galeano
Daniel Root
Tony Galeano
Josh Tyler vs. Chauncey Gnagey
Josh Tyler
Chauncey Gnagey
Ryan Mackin vs. Timothy Wade
Ryan Mackin
Timothy WADE
Dustin Pague vs. Bret Thomas
Dustin Pague
Bret Thomas
Dave Daniecki vs. Elder Ramos
Dave Daniecki
Elder Ramos
Frank Lester vs. Kevin Killian
Frank Lester
Kevin Killian
Binky Jones vs. Nicholas Bleser
Binky Jones
Nicholas Bleser
Russell Shiflett vs. Gemiyale Adkins
Russell Shiflett
Gemiyale Adkins
Zack Davis vs. Diego Peclat
Zack Davis
Diego Peclat
Ryan Mcgowan vs. Bobby Favors
Ryan McGowan
Bobby Favors