Young Guns II

Young Guns II - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on June 23, 2012 in Usk, Washington USA

The Young Guns Grand Prix tournament continues with 4 more Pro Light-weights to round out the quarterfinal bracket. Emmanuel Sanchez and Jared Haller finished their opponents and advanced to the semi-finals in the first Young Guns event. Who will win on June 23rd, and earn the right to face them in the next round? For more info, go to

Directions: From Spokane, go north on Highway 2 and go 28 miles, and take the Hwy 211 exit. Go all the way to Usk, and take the bridge over the river onto the Kalispel Indian Reservation. Turn left after the bridge onto LeClerc Road and look for th Camas Center on your left.

Zach Lari vs. Anthony Zender
Zach Lari
Anthony Zender
Johnny Drywater vs. Jake Lindell  
Johnny Drywater
Jake Lindell
Christian Nibarger vs. Cody Roy
Christian Nibarger
Cody Roy
Nikolaus Edelblute vs. David Teufel
Nikolaus Edelblute
David Teufel
Troy Williamson vs. Steven Kokkinen
Troy Williamson
Steven Kokkinen
Ryan Rednour vs. Tanner Weisgram
Ryan Rednour
Tanner Weisgram
Noah Lohstroh vs. John Hale
Noah Lohstroh
John Hale
Ethan Hazan vs. Jed Allen
Ethan Hazan
Jed Allen
Tom Stokes vs. Daniel Williamson
Tom Stokes
Daniel Williamson