Jr. World Grand Prix

Jr. World Grand Prix - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on April 23, 2011 in Hays, Kansas USA

Sorry to inform the fans out there Nick Budig will NOT be competing in this event. While I would like nothing more than to have rising star of his talent level on our card I was unable to find a exceptable oppenent or even make a deal with Mr. Budig. This in no way has any refection on Mr. Budig this was misprint on our fight and my error completely we have 10 other exciting matches made foe you so hope to see you there.

Brian Hopkins vs. Eric Lunsford
Brian Hopkins
Eric Lunsford
Nick Kriss vs. Matthew Uhde
Nick Kriss
Matthew Uhde
Isaac Enriquez vs. Donald Alcala
Isaac Enriquez
Donald Alcala
Josiah Olmstead vs. Anthony Nelson
Josiah Olmstead
Anthony Nelson
Bryan Fay vs. Andre Harrison
Bryan Fay
Andre Harrison
Bryant Orick vs. Albert Tapia
Bryant Orick
Albert Tapia
Matt Fry vs. Mike Mills
Matt Fry
Mike Mills
Elijah Olmstead vs. Jason Brown
Elijah Olmstead
Jason Brown
Sage Schaller vs. Daymond Bland
Sage Schaller
Daymond Bland